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"Out West" recommendations for next year

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Between the poor conditions and knee surgery end of December, my total days skiing this season is a whopping ZERO!

I plan to go west nest Presidents week (2008) with the family. As we've never skied anywhere other than the northeast, I do not know where to even consider. I know from posts here, the names of many places, but not the pros/cons to any.

I am a level 6-7 skier. Skied as a pre-teen and then not agin until 3 years ago. Typically I skied approx 15 days per year last 3 years. My 11 year old daughter is technically very good (lots of lessons) and is considered a level 5-6 skier. My wife will never leave the lodge - level 10+ lodge lizard - hates the snow and cold.

I need a place wher we can have off-mountain things to do as well as nice, enjoyable skiing. We do not need the steepest runs or most glades, etc.....just want to have a great time with the family.

Please give me suggestions.

Thanks in advance,


PS - we may go with another family - two kids all same age and skill level
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Sure you'll get some great recommendations here. Example these sites and click around for some early ideas. No worries about group mix of skill levels. Both locations offer great family on and off slope fun:


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I'll start the festivities by suggesting Steamboat, Colorado. I was there many years ago when I was of a similair ability to how you describe yourself now. I don't recall looking at anything that was OHMYGOD steep. The mountain is huge; you will not get bored there.

Steamboat is a "real" town, in the sense that the town was there long before the ski area was. The town is much bigger now then it was originally of course, but it still struck me as having a very "real" character to it. Tons of dining, shopping and non-skiing-but-outdoors options. I remember going snowmobiling, and some in my group did horseback tours through the surrounding area.

As for a wife that doesn't enjoy cold and snow -- the town is called Steamboat Springs. There really are hot springs in that area, and you are allowed to get in them.

Drawbacks: Steamboat is a long ways from anything. i.e., unlike the Summit County area of Colorado where there are lots of areas and towns in close proximity -- Steamboat is it.
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Seriously Consider Whistler


Take a look at Whistler. I have seen many families there, particularly during President's Week. They have a great ski school for kids and the terrain is so vast and so varied that there is something for everyone, from intermediate to expert and even beyond.

The village has lots of shops, restaurants and even a spa or two. There are off-mountain activites: movies, zip-trek, snowmobiles, cross-country, etc. etc.

The only downside is the variable weather. Since the mountains are near the BC coast, so they do get rain sometimes. I was there two year ago during the "drought"--the conditions were still better than at most hills in the East. Believe me, you have seen nothing like it.

You will enjoy yourself and your wife and kids will as well.:
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All the other suggestions are fine, but New England also usually has terrific conditions at that time of the year. The trick in NE would be seeking out ski areas that are a little off the beaten path to avoid crowds. If there is appeal to staying closer to home and saving airfare you might check out places like Jackson, NH (near Wildcat, Attitash, Cranmore, Black), or Quebec City (near Mte Ste Anne, Le Massif), or Manchester, VT (near Bromley, Magic, Stratton). Just a thought, each of these might not be too crowded and would offer a little bit of interesting stuff for non-skiers.
Out West I think Aspen is the best place to take a non-skier and I think parts of the four ski areas there would not get crowded even during Prez Bday Week, but bring a fat wallet for Aspen.
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My vote for Aspen also. Far enough away not to get crowded. I had one friend with a non-skiing wife, and he never had any trouble talking her into Aspen. She liked Sun Valley a lot too. Since you live in the East you might consider the Alps. This same couple had trips to Kitzbuhel and St. Moritz.
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BTW, sure sign of gaperdom: calling it 'out West'
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Originally Posted by Powdr View Post
BTW, sure sign of gaperdom: calling it 'out West'

Whow about Park City, UT? Great town, lots of shopping for the wife and three nearby mountains for you and the kids. Not to mention LCC or BCC when you feel really adventurous. Convenience to the airport is second to none and cheap direct flights to SLC from "out East".
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Originally Posted by gores95 View Post
"out East".
rather..."back East"...or from a Maine point of view perhaps; down East
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During Presidents week it might be good to consider Canada outside of Whistler. Interior B.C. and Alberta have lots of great places without the same large crowds. It's not a holiday week there. The border keeps many U.S. residents away for some reason.

The places that I'm familiar with that have great moderate level skiing (as well as not so moderate) and are family oriented are Big White, Sun Peaks, and Silver Star. There are more that others can let you know about.

That being said, your wife will like Whistler the best. Hands down. There is more to do there than she'll have time for. Of course, your credit card may spontaneously combust from overuse.
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