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Chevy Trucks

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I see Chevy Trucks on banners and race bibs at ski races on tv. I also see them on racers beneath me when riding the lift at Winter Park. Yesterday there was a women's gs race going on.

I asked myself...these aren't world cup skiers. Who are they? Does WP run local events? Is there a Colorado series?

I am ignorant and curious. I wonder if people who race could share info on levels of racing, etc. Are people divided by age? Ability? Region?
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Large corporations help fund a number of racing programs. Nastar is about as amateur as you can get, yet it has non-ski sponsors who pay for banners and awards.
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That sounds like the pro tour when you see it on TV. Basically, it's a "barnstorming" circuit comprised of folks who trying to establish their level of competition to race WC or, folks who have "retired" from or have been dropped down by the US Ski Team (or other teams). Eric Schloppy spent three years on the pro tour before his recent return to the US team.
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Chevy Trucks is a US Ski and Snowboard Association sponsor, so you'll see their banners at most USSA events. Plus, they may have paid for the bibs, which WP uses for other events.
The Pro tour is defunct (lost their sponsors), so the GS you saw must have been somethong else. For a list of FIS (International Ski Federation) races, and categories, check out www.fis-ski.com.
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Wow!, The only place I see anything to do with Chevy is in my rear view!!!

..couldn't resist!!..
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MOPAR to ya
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I'm not sure what event you saw, but there are a variety of recreational ski racing opportunities here in CO. I know the WP comp center has various programs from different ages and skiing styles. Alpine, moguls, nordic jumping, etc.

A number of years ago I participated in Teamski ski racing. It is designed for team participation from ski clubs or businesses. From the website:
Racers from a company or ski club are organized into co-ed teams of 6 that race in a head-to-head dual slalom format. Racers get two runs down the course, with the best time counting for both individual (within age group) and team scores. The team time consists of the five fastest racers on a team, including at least two women.

They schedule races at different areas through the season. This was a fun way to be involved in ski racing and my wife and I did this before kids.

I have also raced on a team in a ski race league at Eldora, the nighthawks. This ran in the evening under the lights. This was pretty competitive with ex-CU racers and such. Even for a racing hack like myself, it was good fun.

I have another friend who is very involved in masters ski racing. From the sounds of it, this is pretty competitive. They do all the different events (downhill, super G, GS and slalom) at different areas through out the season. They run every weekend from Jan into April. These guys have all the different skis for each event, speed suits, etc. They are out to win.
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UtahJim's got it. Chevy sponsors USSA as do Sprint, Charles Schwabb, Visa, etc... USSA is not nearly as popular as say the NBA. Thus, not able to generate huge ticket sales and other funds, gotta get money somehow. Also, the next time you watch a world cup race look at one of the US racers, they are litterly plastered with sponsores.

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