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Quiver Advice Needed

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OK what to do? I've got a pair of R:EX's 177cm, currently my only ski's. I'm planning to get a pair of twins to compliment these when there's a little more snow and use periodically in the back country; but I don't know what direction to go. Here are some choices:

1) Forget that I have the the R:EX's and buy a all mountian/powder ski with Alpine bindings and get some Trekkers for my BC jaunts. (Gotama, Scratch BC, Prophet 100, Karhu Team Jak, 4FRNT MSP, The Seth...)

2) Buy a ski designed more for powder/bc mounted with alpine binders and Trekkers. (I have no clue what ski...)

3) Buy Powder/BC ski's and put Naxo's or Freerides on them and use them mainly in the BC, which will be less than 50% of my skiing.

4) You tell me

I love jumping but not too crazy with the spins, just big air and Iron Crosses. I'd really like to be able to have a pair of twins for messing around with but little to no park time mainly natural kickers. I'm a little worried about the AT bindings with this aspect of it.

BTW, I'm 6'3" 175lbs
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Gotamas, Scratch BC, Prophet 100, etc. are not exactly all mountain skis like a R:EX, they are going to fill a void you seem to want to fill, a twintip that you can play around with and ski some BC lines. Mount them with an alpine binding and get trekkers, you will destroy an AT binding playing around and jumping on kickers. If you don't spin much and want soft snow performance mount the binding at the back line for a Goat, Scratch BC, etc.

You might find a good deal on the MSP or checkout the Scott P4, it's a fun ski that isn't expensive.
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Scratch BCs, Gotamas, etc certainly are all-mountain skis these days. I'd mount up the lightest one you can find (Scratch BC WRS?) with a Naxo 21 or maybe a Marker Duke if you really wanna go burly. Your R:EXs then become your groomer skis.
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Have you looked at something like the gotama? Little bit wider waist then the karma's which would be good if you're looking for something that works in the powder.
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Gotamas are not all mountain skis. You can ski them all over the place, but they aren't in any way 'versatile'. They are for soft snow and they are cumbersome and akward (like a duck) on ice. I have a pair, I like them. I like them for what they are, a fun soft snow ski. You can ski a 165 SL race stock ski anywhere as an all mountain ski, it's not versatile either, thats why sane people don't call them 'all mountain'.
Fat skis kick ass, I love them, I just cringe when people start calling 95mm+ skis 'all mountain', they aren't. There are too many compromises you need to make with them, for some of us thats fine, we deal with long radius carved turns and smeared short turns. All Mountain infers no major compromises, can carve shorter radius turns on hard snow and handle deep-ish snow depths and manage skiing a zipper line in bumps. Goats and Scratches fail to live up to this, they aren't intended too.

naxos are fragile. Air + naxo = lots of down time while you try to warranty your broken bindings. If you want a backcountry set up buy an AT binding and a light fat ski, if you want to hit kickers do yourself (and BCA) a favor and use an appropriate ALPINE binding.

The Duke will do it all as a binding...when it becomes available, next year.
If your waiting till next season get a Volkl Bridge with a Duke and have it all.
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