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ski purchase advice

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I'm 6'2", 180 lbs and ski fairly fast and aggressively. I've been on a pair of Head sl racing skis (205s) for the past two decades. I love how quick, responsive, and stable they are. However, theyre narrow and suck in powder and crud. I'm heading west shortly and want to upgrade. I'm looking at used skis, as I'm always outfitting my kids in nordic and alpine gear. I want something that will be quick and responsive and not chatter at higher speeds. I also want it to float a bit in powder and bust through the crud and slop. I will throw in the occasional mogul run, but my 44 yr. old knees can't handle much of that. Besides, around the midwest all the mogul fields seem to have been formed by tail-swishing teenagers on 150s. Their too tight for me and my 205. I do, however, still like to search out the steeps.

I've been looking at some Volkl Vertigo G3s, Atomic Beta Ride 10.20s, Salomon XScreams, and K2 Merlin IV and Vs. Any advice on these boards and recommended lengths would be appreciated. Thanks.
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demo or just buy cheap (to resell if you hate them)

you are coming off very old gear and the new gear might all feel great, (or horrible too) or might feel all the same

look 180-190cm long (yes that is long for a shape ski, but he is coming off a 205 str8 ski, anything will feel too short), 70-80mm under foot, and stiff.

atomic and volkl from the above list
dynastar intitive 74, or 71 might have some deals around on too.
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I would highly recommend the Elan M666 or Mag 12 ski, probably in 184cm for you. Very nice stable and smooth ski that busts crud well and is decent at everything else. They are heavy, however, like any crudbuster nowadays.

You are going to have a hard time finding a ski that is a crudbuster but is also light, floats in powder, and rips moguls. Pick one main focus and try to find a ski that is OK at the other stuff.

Many of the skis you listed (ex, the Merlins) are too old to bother with. If you are going 20 years on skis, may as well start with something newer. Merlins are at least 8-12 years old already. Shoot, I have several 2-3 year old skis that would probably fit the bill if you want something lightly used in the $200-300 range. Need to rummage around. Shoot me a PM if you want more info.
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