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Elan 777 vs. Head Monster 82s

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I am looking to get one or the other. I am an advanced to expert skier. Ski mostly off piste. 6'1" 175. I have been looking to get either of these 2 skis. Which one would you guys get if you could only have one?

Thanks in advance!

Also know of any good deals on either of them?
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The 88 is more like the 777, I'd pick the 88. The 82 is more of a 50/50 ski piste/ off piste, both (all 3?) are great skis if you like smooth skis with good grip. You can't go wrong.
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Probably best just to go for the best deal you can get.

IM 82 - 122/82/108
Monster 88 - 126/88/112
M777 - 117/87/107 (Spec) but Measured 117/84/107.

The heads have more sidecut. The straighter M777 should plow through the crud better. (my 192’s do. ) But, the M777 will require a bit more input to turn them on the groomers or in the trees.

M777 is a really fun ski. Ptex1 was selling some pretty cheap. You might want to check gear swap.
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Thanks Guys. To those of you who ski The Monster 88s how do they do in the bumps and trees?
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Head IM82's

I recently bought a pair of m82's. I'm 6' 2" 160lbs. Before buying them I tried Volkl AC4's, K2 Recons, and Atomic B5's.
I found the AC4's were really fun but I found that I had diffculty in tight spaces (tree runs). B5's were fun but the weight and short size didn't excite me. The recon was boring.
I settled on the m82's. They're quick and have alot of power in the crud. I ski in the Northwest where you get alot of heavy chopped up snow. They do really well in those conditions but still work well on the groomers. I didn't try the Elan so I can't speak to that.
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Head 88's are all about the bumps and trees!!!

I just took the 88's in for a much neede base grind and tune--I've been using them in the prodigious bumps and trees the last two weeks here in southern NE..They are awesome in these conditions--with one caveat-the snow is soft! Not necessarily deep (though that is desirable!!) But soft. Yesterday saw a lot of sticky crud and our mountain hasn't been groomed in days-the Monster 88's were the perfect choice. After the Valentine's Day storm and the week long aftermath they were great in the trees ad mostly soft bumps.

However-once the bumps get very jagged and more firm than fun (ditto the trees) they are not the best choice---not a problem for most west coast skiers but a concern for us east coasters!

They're an amazing ski-the turn-ability coupled with the float and crud-busting strength is just unrivaled.
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All three mentioned are great skis: the im82 is the better hard snow ski and carver of the group (and has the tightest turn radius ); the iM88 is still nimble but slower edge to edge and better in the crud, and the 777 is the most stable crud ski and best in a straight line, but not quick edge to edge and not a great carver or hard snow ski (worse than the others). All are great skis; it really depends on your needs.

Regarding deals, my remaining stock is on closeout. $449 for the iM88, $469 for the 777, $439 for the the iM82. I have most sizes, but am down to the last pair in most cases.

Village Bike and Ski
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I've enjoyed the M777s that I have owned, and have tried the Head88. The elan definately feels more playful while the monster was quite damp. Liked both skis, but found the M777 more versitile.

I'm selling my M777s if you are interested, 192s.
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