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Preparing for Elevation

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I live in Maryland, and am headed out to Colorado, Steamboat Springs, to ski for a few days starting Wed/Thurs. I've skied out west, but never in CO at this elevation. I've heard to drink lots of water prior to going out, and I have been. I am in solid shape (very active, lift...legs too), but have not been on the slopes yet this season (and only twice last season).

Any tips on being prepared for the elevation and weather/temps??? Thanks-
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thanks buddy-
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I was born and raised at sea level but have lived at elevation and played at much higher elevation for the last 30 years. During that time I have seen many people's reactions to it and the one thing I can tell you is that the range is incredible. A small percentage of people will have a fairly sever reation to 10,000 ft. while most others with the same low land background will have no adverse reation at 14,000 other than shortness of breath. You just have to take it easy and listen to your body. Every week thousands of people do what you are going to be doing without a problem, so don't worry. Just be cautious of getting over excited by how great Steamboat is and charging too hard right off the bat. Altitude tends to inhibit your thirst mechanism, so make stops for drinking water if you are skiing hard. It also tends to increase the affect of alcohol, so don't get too carried away with those apre ski libations.

The Boat has been getting dumped on, so you should have a great trip. Enjoy!
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Steamboat Springs is about 2000 feet lower than Summitt County. Not as big a deal. I think it's about the same elevation as Park City.
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Thanks guys - Mudfoot, I agree, I have seen on the board a wide range of affects. I am not too worried, but its somewhat new to me. Looks like I'll be in Boulder Wed night, then heading up to Steamboat Thursdat for skiing Thur - Sat. Thursday I'll try and take it light and see how I feel.

I have seen the reports - snow everyday for the past week, and more in the forecast for this week. Should be great.
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Drink lots of water, eat lightly and no alcohol for the 1st couple of days.

You also may want to bring something to help you sleep. I get hyper and suffer from insomenia the 1st couple of nights.

spending the night in boulder will help you get acclimated. But still take it easy for a couple of days.
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Not much new to add, everyone's covered it all pretty well. But one suggestion to take for what it's worth. Some folks will take the medication Diamox before making a rapid transition to higher elevation (i.e. from sea level to over 6,000'). There's really no scientific evidence to back it up (hence, why take it?) but moreso people believe it helps reduce some of the clinical symptoms of acute mountain sickness when travelers do take it. Speak with your physician about it and he'd be able to write a prescription. There's no physical conditioning you can do at sea level which will prepare you for altitude (but lifting weights certainly will help in other areas of skiing), it's all in how your body physiologically adapts to a lower pressure of oxygen. And that's how it's believed Diamox helps, by stimulating some of the process by which your body adapts to higher altitudes (will spare the entire respiratory process ). I've taken it a few times before and not had any problems (the major side effect is that you pee a lot), and also not taken it and fortunately not had any problems either. It's all up to you. As mentioned in a previous post, thousands of people do this every day without problems. Just remember to drink lots of water (have a CamelBack or something), and have a great time.
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thanks. I'm not worried enough to take any prescription drugs. i've been drinking a lot of water, and getting to bed early, stuff like that. will just see how it goes. Thanks all-
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