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Advice needed - basic ski prep

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I only ski a few times a year, and haven't been yet this year. I had my skis tuned and waxed last year, and have been skiing only twice since then. The edges look good, and everything else is in good working order.

I live in an area where I can't get to a ski shop in time before I leave for Colorado at the end of the week. Is there anything I can do to prep my skis for the trip? Products I can easily get (HW store maybe) or use to do some real basic maintenance or cleaning even... Thanks-
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This is the thread to respond to if you have any info for me...the other was posted as a duplicate. Hope someone can help. Thanks-
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It's hard to tell you without really knowing the condition of the bases. But I'd expect the wax to be needing replacement or at least additionally coating. Contaminants are for sure on the bases and diluted Simple Green or other light cleaner will help a little, but replacing or adding wax afterwards will be best.

If you are short on time, one easy option is to get a Maplus Glide Kit with universal spray wax, cleaner and brush sent to where you will be staying. A Universal cream or spray is another option. Check out the Maplus Wax Test thread for background and application options.
(Note liquids or sprays cannot be carried on a plane.)
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