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TR: Squaw Valley, CA 2/24-2/26

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Just got back from a crazy weekend in Tahoe. Unfortunately it only resulted in one day of skiing...

Drove up Friday night, skied Squaw on Saturday, it had snowed a bit on Thursday. Conditions were pretty good, and there was still some fresh stuff to be found. Lapped Headwall, KT-22, and Silverado a few times. Place was almost empty until after lunch when crowds finally started to appear. By mid afternoon the impending storm began to make its way into the area. It snowed all night and still has not stopped!

Stayed in Squaw and awoke to 18+" of the light and fluffy stuff. I could hear them bombing all morning. Unfortunately visibility even at the base was pretty bad and it was very very windy. Upper mountain was closed, they were running KT-22, Red Dog, Exhibition, and Squaw Creek. The later (before lunch) closed KT-22 and Red Dog. Ended up not going out. It snowed the entire day and through the night, which brought atleast another 18+".

The roads were an utter mess so we stayed overnight hoping it might clear up a little in the morning for a quick half day and a drive home. Monday morning brought more of the same, the snow flakes were much larger and the visibility was just as bad. The upper mountain was still closed and they had the same lifts as the previous day scheduled. Against my better judgement we decided to head home around 830am and finally made it back to the Bay Area around 330pm. At about 930am when we finally reached chain control near Truckee, its started dumping even harder, I continued to kick myself for leaving. I so wanted to get 'trapped' there until Thursday when the storm is finally supposed to end.

Snow levels were VERY low so basically all the resorts in the Tahoe area are getting dumped on. It supposed to continue snowing until Thursday. Looks to be epic this coming weekend (and hopefully rest of season).

I have posted some pics from my one day of skiing here.
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As always, nice report.

Thanks for posting.
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I was also up in Tahoe this wkd. I skied Kirkwood Sat (incredible! other than the lack of parking which caused a one hour backup driving into the resort). We then headed up to North Lake Sat only to experience a similar fate. Stayed over Sunday night in Tahoe Donner, left Mon 7am and didn't get back to the Bay Area until mid-afternoon.

This weekend should be amazing!
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Your weekend sounds almost identicle to mine...except I skied on Sunday

Sat was great...although I'm pissed I never noticed Silverado opened up.

I had an absolute blast on Sunday...hit Red Dog a bunch of times before it closed (KT was spinning but they never opened it)....then we went over to Squaw Creek...lots of lower angle DEEP pow tree skiing...kinda reminded me of March 2001 at Jay Peak. It probably would have been better (with lots more terrain) Sunday if the storm hadn't been 3x the size they predicted.

The drive home wasn't even too bad for me...it took just under 2 hours to get back to Reno going around the lake and over the Mt Rose hwy...though by the looks of the parking lot heading North on 89 I'm guessing it would have taken 2 hours just to reach rt 80.
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