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Cold Fusion

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Anyone else see this year's Warren Miller movie, "Cold Fusion?" Pretty Typical Warren Miller fare, of course, but always good to get you psyched for the season. There's a BASE jumping segment that is pretty amazing.

Glenn Plake was at the Seattle shows and he was damn funny. He's also in a segment of the movie shot in Verbier (skiing powder on 7' skis!).
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yeah i saw the movie three weeks ago at the town theatre. I got stoked so i went shoping for some new boots and skis, But i must say last night i saw Mind the Addiction. That put warren miller's latest to shame with more sick rides and some killer music. it was made by teton gravity research. check it out.
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The aerial jumps were nuts, a twisting quad!!! damn they are way the hell up there.
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So SKiKing,
what were the best tunes?
I am on the miler site and printed out the tunes list. I have down loaded several of them, EEEEE, we got some techno screamer stuff here.
I usualy watch the film so much that I have to have the tunes on my MP3 player to ski!
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We saw it Friday night. Loved it, gets me juiced for the season, as if I need any more encouragement!!!

It may or may not be the best, but who cares. It's skiing, better than I will ever be, and it's fun. Glad to see junior learned something from last year, and put in the chair unloading sequences. That's the kid's favourite bit, every time. Noticed it was rather old footage though.

I'll catch the other flicks as I can. Looking ofrward to seeing the TGR stuff.
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As far as the tunes go, I've got to admit I didn't pay a lot of attention. I know some people are big into the soundtrack, but to me it's just background music. Yeah, it fits in good, but I can't tell you what tracks I liked best. [img]smile.gif[/img]

One gripe I had is I think the movie was shown on DVD. Sometimes it looked a little jagged projected on the big screen. I think film would have looked much better. :
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Take it from one who has been there and back again and again.

Life is much better with a soundtrack!

Someone once said what makes music is the SILENCE between the notes.

Chances are that you go out into the snow to find that silence. That is great!

Now put it all togeather. Enjoy SNOW to live, don't live to work.
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The atmosphere at a Warren Miller flick is so great. There is no better spot than the Flyn Theater in Burlington VT to see that show. The energy in that room is outrageous. I'm a bigger fan of TGR's work. I think they push the "envelope" a bit more but nothing like Warren commentating a ski film. TGR's Mind The Addiction is INSANE!
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Gooseman - I saw Snowriders I and II at the Flynn and I agree - that place is great to catch a Warren Miller movie.

Anyone see Ski Movie 2 yet? It was in Boston a couple of days ago, but by the time I remembered to check to see when it was playing it had passed through.
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VT SKIER OR SHOULD I SAY FLETCHER!!! What up brother. almost time to break out those Mod's. Is the condo finalized?

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How about that 12 hour hike! Ouch. Or hiking for days to ski a dirty glacier - true die hard. Miller really knows how to get you fired up for the season. Been shopping for new skis ever since.
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