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Stockli Skis Still for Sale??

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This past Christmas my wife asked me what I might want and I said only one thing, a pair of Stockli Stormrider XL (194cm) skis (2005 model, new). I had been watching them on the Denver Warehouse Ski website for almost the last year. I was always expecting them to disappear into someone else's grasp. Luckily I got them and I really do like them. I like them most for their stability. I am however somewhat puzzled by the fact that they lasted that long. I also see that there are two more pairs of the same length listed at the website for $379, which is what my wife paid for them. I'm wondering why they are still there? Reading posts here and at other sites posters most often site how good the Stockli skis are and that they seem to have a certain mystique about them. One poster on TGR listed the Stormrider XL as the best ski at that waist (75mm). Doesn't mean that he knows any better but no one was seeming to disagree with this statement or his list of other great skis. Is it that the length is too much, or is it that they have a reputation for being too much ski (I didn't find this to be the case, although I was a little nervous the first time I took them out)? Or is it more likely that there are just too many other good skis out there now? But still the price for that ski just seems too good. I did see a pair of Fisher RX-9s (180cm) with bindings recently for $379 at Skiers Outlet and within a few days they were gone, certainly a lot faster than these Stocklis. Anyone have any other ideas why this ski is hanging around unsold or do you know of any other "classic" skis out there for a decent price that just aren't selling?
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Uh, how big a guy are you?
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Stocklis are less known and there for less bought, however everything I have heard and seen of stockli skis looks very solid. Good skis I have heard that the XL is a great hard snow ski.
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One thought (to follow-up on Comprex): While the XL is widely recognized as a great ski, its also quite stiff so most people are looking for the 174 or 184. The 194 XL (and even the 184) is one burly ski!
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How much do you weigh. One of the reps used to have the "mantra" .... "they ski short", meaning the longer ones were for really big guys and this was coming from a 220 pounder.
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i'm 220 and ski the stormrider in 164, have found it to be fantastic on the hard stuff, and perfectly serviceable in the soft snow
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I am 6'5" and weigh 215. My other ski is an Atomic BR 9.22 (190cm). I think that the Stockli is easier to ski then the Atomic. Replies indicate that people think that it is too much ski (burly). I'm not saying that it's not, just don't think that you can't have fun with this ski in that particular length.
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Sounds long to me. Many of these skis at bargain prices are usually in the long range.

Where do you ski and at what level?
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comprex's question was right on. How big are you? Cause there aren't many folks out there still need a ski in the 90s. That is why they hung out for so long.

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Sounds like a kickass crud and groomer ski. I've always wanted an 80ish waisted ski in a 190 for super high-speed charging in rough snow. It doesn't matter how tall you are or how much you weigh if you know what you want and know you can ski it.
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they will do the job for you if that's what you want takecontrol!
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I meant to say Denver Wholesale Skis and not Warehouse. Not that it looks like it matters that much.
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