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Hi everyone.

I recently bought an edge sharpener/tuner with preset 90/88 degrees settings.

I live in the icy east coast and ride on mostly HP and ice, and it has done a good job on blurring my edges.

So I used the 90 degree sharpener to sharpen my edges. I started off sharpening the edges. I got a little carried away...well after I was done and satisfied with the sharpness of the edge...I notices that the edge where the sides meets the tips of my snowboard is thinner then the rest of the edges. I think I applied too much pressure and thinned out that section of the edge! I would say...the difference is about .25mm...this is just a rough estimate but i can definitely tell that the edges are thinner in those areas.

Did I just ruined my snowboard? Will it affect how my board rides?

I am really upset at myself for being so careless. Is there any remedy for this situation or anything that I should be worried about??

Please help!