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Gooday TR

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It all started out with the usual phone call at 7 AM. Ok I'll be by and will head up.

Made the short drive and jumped on the chair. Liift lines were tolerable.

Did a few warm up runs. Bro Mark.

Photog Mattitude in action.

Old guy trying to keep up.

Beer time in the P-lot.

Stay tuned for more thrills and spills from the Oregon Bears. And how was your day?
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Nicely chronicled, slider!
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[quote=slider;667531]Old guy trying to keep up.

We were trying to keep up with you!

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Now would be a good time for somebody to start an Epic, Student Exchange Program!
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Come on Mr. V.,

I am sure you had a much better day, but let us West Coast losers have our shot. The picts looked much better than it was,...believe me.

Also, since it sucks so much here... please go somewhere else!
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