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Applause for boarders at Breck

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I just got back from a ski vacation at Breckenridge and just wanted to say I was impressed with the level of snowboarding I saw there. There are a lot of very good boarders there. (There were a lot of beginners too, of course, but they mostly stayed on appropriate trails.).

This was the first time I've seen a guy with hard boots on a racing board. Very impressive. We saw him from the chair making big round carves and then traced his track back the rest of the ride -- it was nearly perfect the whole way.

For context, I'm mostly a skier, but do a small amount of (not so good) boarding.
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Get a carving board and use your ski boots.
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You will see a lot of boarders on a carving setup in Summit County. Bomber bindings is based out of Silverthorne and they have a great following.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Get a carving board and use your ski boots.
Can you use a carver board with ski boots? I thought hard SB boots were very different than ski boots.
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Yes you can. Hard snowboard boots are different from ski boots, but not very different.
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