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Is K2 the only company that.....

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I bought some k2 pe's this year and I noticed a difference in the way they measure there skis. they are 179s and thats what you get if you measure the standing hight. If you measure the base there 182. My atomics are 170 and thats true if you measure the base. But if you use k2's method, they are 168 1/2. So is k2 the only mfg. that measures standing ht. or are there others. It could make a difference if your right in between sizes.
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Most manufactures measure the length of a ski tip to tail. K2 measures the actual running length of the ski, so K2 skis measure longer than advertised while other skis (specifically twin tips) ski shorter than advertised. My brother's 179 K2 Seth Vicious is ~1cm shorter than my 183 Volkl Gotama.
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I always thought that the running length was the part of the ski that made contact with a flat surface, not counting the tip and tail. when I stand the ski on end and measure from the floor to the tip, thats what I refered to as standing height. verses measuring along the entire base. So I guess the question remains, what other companies measure this way?
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Most companies measure tip to tail. K2 measuers tip to the point where the tail starts to curve up
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sorry phil but that isn,t correct. my PE's are 170 from the tip to where the tail turns up.
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Maybe, I'd remeasure. I have heard that from a k2 sponsered pro skier(szocs), a k2/marker rep, and multiple owners.
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No need to. I know how to read a metric tape measure. you heard wrong. and sphinx15 is right, when he said that his brothers k2 was a centimeter shorter than his 183 gotama. mine also is 182 cm if measured by the base.
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This is damned confusing! I just ordered a pair of PE's at 174. Does all this mean that they will ski as a shorter ski or longer ski or like any ski at 174?

Another question: I informed the order taker that I do not ski park terrain so set the bindings for all mountain skiing. She said she would inform them to set them plus two. Anyone know what that means?
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by my experience with k2 twins they will ski like a 174 flat tail and longer than other 174 twin. code seems to have a different opinion
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Originally Posted by PhilT View Post
by my experience with k2 twins they will ski like a 174 flat tail and longer than other 174 twin. code seems to have a different opinion
I hope you are correct, PhilT. Sorry Code!
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No need to apoligize ftgrfr, philt is right. your 174 closer to a 177 by any other brand. all i was saying was that k2 has a different way of measuring there skis, thats all. i just wanted to know if any other companies measured this way.
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Now here's the odd thing. The 174 PE's came today. I lay them on the floor next to my Atomic Izor 168's, and the effective base - that is the the part of the base that that touches the ground, not the turned up parts - looks to be exactly the same on both skis. So, judging by what I see, these 174 Public Enemys are the same effective length as my Izor 168's.

Code, it looks like your original post is correct.

I'm laying down some wax on them now and will ski them later today. I'll let you know what I think after skiing them.
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ftgrfr your right, about the effective length. I have a pair of atomic supercross in a 170cm. before I mounted my PE's I laid the atomics on top and they fit perfectly with the tails coming right to where the tails turned up on the PE's. I measured the running surface of both pairs and the PE's were roughly 1.5 to 2. cm longer. I dont remember exactly. if you measure both sets of skis like I did, you should end up with something like this.

standing(floor to tip)
atomic = 166.5 cm +/- or 65 9/16"
PE= 174 cm or 68 1/2"

base (material length)
atomic = 168 cm or 66 1/8"
PE= 177 cm +/- or 69 11/16"

about your mounting position. +2 is where the midsole mark on your boot will be.
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as you guys are realizing, different companies measure differently. The most common are running length (contact point to contact point - not any turn up of tip/tail), chord length (length of a string connecting the tip and tail), and material length (the length of the base material). Aside from these, there are other ways that some companies will twist their measurements. Another common measurement, that seems to be derived from snowboarding is effective edge length as that can often be hugely different from other measuring methods.
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I picked up a pair of Recons in a 167 for my son to use, even they are the same length as his Atomic M10's in a 171.
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I have heard a few people in the past say K2's ski long. but I always thought it was a feel type of thing, or expression. If I knew this before I bought mine. I might have gone with a 174. do german skis differ from french?
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Don't know about how these measure, but in my book the PE's and other twin tips all ski shorter than their advertised lengths. This is because PE's and most other twin tips have ollieband on them. The ollieband is a flex zone which gets progressively stiffer as you go toward the center of the ski. It's generally used to land forward and reverse air in the pipe or park.

As a result, the PE's and other twin tips actually ski shorter than their advertised length by about 10 cms because the ollieband is not as grippy as the rest of the ski when it comes to carving. For example, I have a pair of Rossi Scratch BC's in a 178, which when carving on hard snow actually ski more like a 168 with a 21m radius. On really hard snow at very high speeds these can lead to the ski seeming as not as stable you would expect for the length.
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Well, I was at Sport LTD in South Lake Tahoe this weekend and I put the 181 Titan 9 from Blizzard up next to the 185 Karma from Volkl and they are both the same length from tip to tail. Hmmm.

That leads me to believe that Blizzard is perhaps measuring contact length and Volkl does tip-to-tail (the Karma has a somewhat exaggerated twin so it's running length is much shorter than the "official" length).

I also know that the Sick Bird/Scratch BC from Rossi runs "short." Ran into a guy with a pair of Sick's and he said the 185 actually measures 177 in terms of actual ski that comes into contact with the snow.

I kinda wish all the companies would measure the same, but oh well.
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