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How to ship skis

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I want to send a pair of skis from NJ to a friend in Colorado, but I have never attempted this before. What is the best way to package a pair of skis with bindings mounted? Who is generally the best shipper to use? I have heard FedEx, but I am not sure how much this will cost.
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Based on my experience the US Post Office is by far cheaper than Fed Ex or UPS. If you go to their web site you can get info on packaging and cost based on size, weight and zip codes.
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US Postal Service, FedEx Ground and DHL are usually the cheapest in that order. Package up your skis, weigh them, measure the dimensions (height, width & length) then go to their websites to see which has the best rate,
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Right, but what is the bestbox to actually package skis with bindings in. I don't have any long narrow cardboard boxes lying around anywhere.
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Originally Posted by NYSki View Post
Right, but what is the bestbox to actually package skis with bindings in. I don't have any long narrow cardboard boxes lying around anywhere.
You can try dumpster diving behind a local ski shop to find boxes or you can just ask them. If you can't get one there cutting up big boxes from appliance stores or furniture stores & taping the pieces together works great. Just make sure to use lots of tape to hold the peices together.
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I've received skis that were packed in two long narrow boxes (about 6 inch x 6 inch x 3 feet) overlapped at the center and taped to make a 5 1/2 foot long box.

(IIRC, that was UPS, but it might have been Fedex.)
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Fedex has a plastic bag for shipping skis. I wrap the bindings, tips and tails with bubble wrap and stick them in the bag, wrap a little packaging tape in a couple places. Has worked great so far.
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I was stuck last week shipping a pair of skis to my kid and couldn't come up with a box.

I used pipe insulation; that black foam for home heating pipes. With the sides slit, it went over the entire length of the edges. A few pieces then went into the crevice between the inslation that was on the edges to protect the top and bases. A few pieces were slit and bent around the tips and tails.

Into the FedEx plastic "envelope" .... and they made it just fine.
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If you don't have a ski shop near by you might want to try a bike shop or some other outdoor type store, they might not have the box you need but bike shops usually throw away tons of packaging material you could use. Most places are more then happy to toss you some scraps.
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Anyone heard of this?

Great to know about the FedEx packaging.
I needed a box this past weekend to ship skis I sold on Epic.
I called a local shop where I do a fair amount of business to inquire whether they had a box or two available.
They said that they did and that they were $10 each.
I drove the extra 20 miles to the shop that I normally deal with.
While there, I saw a pair of skis that an Epic member was looking for, called him, and they were purchased immediately.
Also while there, I bought boot heaters for my girlfriend.
Prices were great, but they still probably made more than the $10 the closer shop was charging.
Selling ski boxes? Is that common?
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Sounds like an all time low for a regular customer.

FedEx also has a document shipping carton like a triangular sleeve; slip two on and tape in the middle.
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