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Volkl ski - good deal?

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Hi & thanks in advance for your time.

I'm an advanced intermediate skier and ski in Indiana & out west (approx. 20 days per year). 60% groomed, 40% off trail……

I'm 5'10" & weigh 180.

I just bought some fitted boots & want skis but don't necessarily need the latest technology. Will this be too little Ski for me? I can buy it from my brother for $200. And are lightly used 45 days since 4/04.

2003-2004 Volkl AX2 724 w/Marker Motion BindingsThe length is 170cm.
Ski width dimensions are 105 top, 71 center, 93 tail

- BG
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That is an okay deal on the skis, especially if they're in good condition. However, if you're an advance intermediate, and if you ski frequently you will outski them within a season or two if you're lucky.
All in all, that was/is a decent ski. You should have a good time on them.
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