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Mount Washington Valley - March 19-22

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Not the best year for eastern skiing, but we are taking a ski week in any event. We have a super deal on a condo in Bartlett, NH (near North Conway) for the week of March 19.

This is a family trip (the bride and myself + 3 kids ages 14, 9 and 6) The missus and the six year old are green and light blue groomer skiers. Myself and the two older girls are more adventuresome and somewhat more skilled (bumps, trees and some groomers).

I am wondering about snow conditions, or more specifically which of the local hills tend to hold their snow better under the late March sun.

We plan to ski 4 or 5 days hopping around from hill to hill picking off their various mid-week deals (2 for 1 days, etc).

Any commentary on Cranmore, Cannon, Black, Waterville Valley, Bretton Woods and Wildcat is appreciated. We are definitely going to Wildcat for at least one day so I am interested in your thoughts on the others.
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I guess I am missing something here. Your staying at a condo which is at Attitash or at least pretty close by but your not skiing there. Is that because there are not any decent deals there?

Cannon and especially Waterville Valley are abit of a drive and you would drive past Loon going to WV. Why isn't Loon on the list?

To get to Loon or WV from Bartlett requires driving on the Kancamagus Hwy which might not be the wisest move in the winter.

Based on your stated preferences Attitash which makes a bunch of snow and is north facing and has a wide variety of terrain would work the best it would seem, except maybe for price. Wildcat is a great ski hill but not a hill for beginners but what a view. BW also has a great view but is the opposite terrainwise. The ones that make the most snow would be a better fit.

Holding snow, decent prices/deals and terrain that would satisfy everyone in your family are preferences IMHO that really would not totally work, at any of the places within driving distance from Bartlett, unfortunately. Sorry, just my opinion. I would check out the websites or call for Attitash and BW to see if they have any deals since that time period might have late season tik prices.
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Yes, Attitash would be best for you, it seems. And, yes, I think Kancamagus Hwy is closed in Winter. Cranmore? That's right there in North Conway, but I've never skied it, so don't know what to tell you. But it sure would be convenient.
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Attitash got struck from the list based solely on price. No real deals mid-week at Attitash compared to the others on the list. For example I can get lifts at Wildcat for $108 midweek for the day; Bretton Woods $108 on Wednesday; Cranmore $94 midweek; Waterville Valley for $80 on Tuesday; Cannon for $108 midweek; and Black for $80.

Attitash, in contrast, will run me $196 for the day midweek. Attitash is $100 more per day.

I have a two bedroom condo in Bartlett for $275 for 5 nights. I figure I can do 5 nights and 4 days skiing for $650 (accomdations and lifts). I don't mind driving up to an hour each way to try a new hill.

My 14 year old races so I have kicked out a few bucks already this year on skiing, including my own trip to Whistler with the boys back in January.

The one day at Wildcat is for dad. As long as there is a couple of green runs my wife and little one are happy. The other three days I will go towards a a more family oriented experience like Bretton Woods.

I somehow missed Loon, but just checked their website and they appear to similiar to Attitash with no super mid-week deals to be had.
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BW has alot of terrain and normally an expensive place ticketwise. With the cheap price I think it gets to the top of your list. Wildcat doesn't make alot of snow, it's been for sale for a couple of years now, so if the conditions are okay it will work. Like I said the incredible view is worth something all in itself.

Black and Cranmore are smaller hills but you can still have a fun day skiing there. As mentioned they are both close to N. Conway, especially Cranmore so the guys can ski and the ladies can shop....lol
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My leaning would be towards BW, if I were looking for the variety you're after and the price is right for you.

Make the most of wherever you go and Just Have FUN!
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I too was going to suggest at least one day at Attitash since you were so close. Keep checking their website, maybe a last minute spring discount will emerge. Bretton Woods looks close and they have really been pushing for long spring seasons in recent years. Wildcat would be a must for me too, March is when that place gets real user friendly. I guess you would need help from mother nature, but Black (advanced) and Cranmore (easier) also sound like good fun in small packages and not far away. I drove west across Kangamagus on Apr 1 a couple years ago. I guess it depends on road conditions at the time, if open that would obviously help getting to Loon and Waterville.
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