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Reviews: Apache Recon and Speedwave 12

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I've had some help from some others in this forum so I figured I'd return the favor and offer my humble review of these two skis:

Skier: 29, 6'1, 195, usually aggressive and fast, a few bumps.
Location: Killington
Conditions: Packed powder, a little ice

***Disclaimer: I was having serious boot problems (pressing against inside ankle bone) and therefore my reviews may be influenced a bit by that***

K2 Apache Recon: I am in the market for new skis, and was leaning toward a smaller waisted ski (68-72mm) but I kept hearing from various people that a wider waisted ski can carve on the east coast hardpack/ice just as well. So I went a little wider with my first demo and ended up with this ski. I did not enjoy the Recon very much on most of the terrain. They did not carve very well at all on the groomers. Under Outer Limits chair, though, there was some soft stuff and the Recons were great in it. So basically, I came to the conclusion after this day that I will end up getting a skinnier ski- I just don't ski powder enough to get a mid-fat, and it seems to me that mid-fats don't do as well on groomers, where you'll find me most of the time.

Elan Speedwave 12: Luckily on Sunday I got to ski this ski, a great carver with a narrower waist. This is a really FAST ski, and a few times it got me going so fast I felt a bit out of control. Even with my very sore ankle, I had a really fun day with these. I took them in the bumps and they were pretty good there too, although admittedly I didn't ski too many (ankle). They also had a great grip on the ice. One not-so-great thing was they were not as stable at high speeds as the two Volkl's I demoed two weeks ago: last year's All-Star and 5-Star. And as good as the Elan's were on ice, the Volkls were better.

So after demoing a bunch I've decided to get last year's 5-star. I know dawgcatching wouldn't approve of my decision, but a limited budget has also influenced my decision.

I hope this was informative for someone....
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Dan R, nicely done!

FWIW, I don't think that what you experienced on the Recon was actually a result of the width of the ski, but rather the overall construction. I felt that this year's Recon skied like a 2x4, and that opinion has been shared by a number of others who have skied it. Of course, some folks probably love it, so YMMV, but the point is that it's not merely the width.

For example, I regularly ski a 84mm waisted ski on groomers and hardpack. While I wouldn't like have that as my only ski in the east, it skis all of those conditions very well.

Regardless, I'm glad you found skis that you like. Last year's 5* is a great all around ski, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it for quite some time to come.

Now, get those boots fixed!
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