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Need some advice... please (Cold weather)

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Friday I am headed for what are probably going to be the biggest competitions of my ski racing career and I want to be as prepared as I can be. Problem is, the games are held in the great canadian north and the temperatures in the last 2 weeks are around -40 C and not expected to top -16 while I am there. I consider myself a pretty good tuner but I dont have much experience tuning for those conditions and temperatures and for the times that I had to it failed horribly. Is there a way to prep my skis before leaving so that It works better in those conditions? And what wax do you guys have good experience with when it comes to cold hard abrasive snow.

Thanks in advance.
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Get some warm wax into the base...

...like Toko hydrocarbon red. Maybe one or two wax/scrape/brush sessions. If the temps are as cold as you say, put a layer of Toko hydrocarbon blue on top, wax/scrape/brush as smooth as possible. Then sprinkle on some Toko X Cold powder, hit it with the iron, brush out. DO NOT even think about anything with fluoro in it. I used this at Vail when the snow temp was about minus 15 C, and it ran as well as anything...
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yea I figured that Fluoros would fail in the cold like that. Any clue where I could get my hands on some of that X cold powder???
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Any place that has...

...a decent stock of race wax ought to have some, especially in a place where it gets that cold. If not, try any of the online places, like Tognar:

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Similar products would be Swix CH4 and CH3 powder. Swix is much easier to find around my area than Toko, don't know about around you. Either way, good call on skipping the fluoro. Its not that its that much slower than hydrocarbon, its just that you wont see any benefit from using it despite costing 2x-3x more.
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Maplus Race Wax recommendations

Here's the Maplus Wax recommendations.

RacerRick of Tools4Boards out of Calgary, is a former Canadian Team downhiller and can help you make the right call and provide Maplus waxes in Canada.

Here's some wax testing results with some cold temp results.
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maybe some graphite additive/wax for good measure?

but what do i know.
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Bumping an old thread cause I'm heading up to some very cold conditions.

Silly question probably, but there's no harm in using the toko x-cold with any maker's hydrocarbon wax, correct? I've got another maker's cold hydrocarbon and want to also use the toko x-cold because last time I had them out in really cold (-10) and dry conditions it didn't glide too well. (Sandpaper skis).
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ts01, I assume you mean -10F?

Are they blowing snow? If so the conditions may not be as dry as you think; I've had fair results with copper brushed LFG4 down to -25F.

No harm I can see.

If all else fails, keep them on edge: steel is faster than ptex that low.
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Thanks comprex - I figured no harm in mixing (but no harm in asking either).

Yes, temps are farenheit. Don't know if they'll be blowing. It's this weekend, but I'm planning ahead cause I'll need to get the colder wax I think for Whiteface; Accuweather is predicting a HIGH of -3F for Sunday, "windy and frigid," with Saturday at 3 above and "bitterly cold." Last time I was in similar conditions it felt way sticky on my regular cold temp wax, even though not blowing snow.
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Makes sense to me, especially if they choose to ignore the wind and make snow anyway. Base burn special.
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