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New Ski Advice

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Going to go to Sugarbush next week. Planning to demo
some new skis.
I am 50 y/o height 5'9" weight 145. In good shape.
I am a level 7-8 skier. Ski east and west. Like to ski
pretty fast on groomed blue and black runs
No moguls.
I presently have K2 Merlins
I tried some new Solomons last year but didn't buy
I really liked the feeling of carving turns.
I tried Volkl supersports but I did not like them at all.
At Sugarbush they carry Head K2 Line Rossi Volkl
I was considering Fisher RX 8 but have not demo these
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Fischer RX8 in a 165cm
Head Supershape in a 165cm
Head Monster 77 in a 163cm


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You and I are about the same stats.
I just purchased Atomic B5 Metron.
This ski must be tried.
I bought the 172 cm. You might deom in a 162 also.
I ski pretty fast on the groomers and wanted to extra length.
These boards are awesome.
I skied them at the Bush after the Valentiens Day storm.
They did it all well.

I did notice that a lot of the GMVS kids (local racing academy) were on Fishers.
I have noticed this at Cannon as well.

Still no round of demo ing would be complete without trying the MB5's
Please report back.
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Thanks for the advice
I will let you know when I get Back
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