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Name this backside...

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Based on the cornice pattern, it seems to be east-facing (more or less).

It's not above timberline...

There appears to be another mountain range in the far background...

I can't tell yet.

Any hints?

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While you're trying to figure out Ryan's photo, as a confidence builder, tell me the name of this well-known resort from a shot I took over 20 years ago.

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jamesdeluxe -

Is it Steamboat?
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To be honest: I don't know.

It's somewhere in Colorado, and check out the old-skool gondola (that should narrow it down)!

[ October 11, 2002, 12:58 PM: Message edited by: jamesdeluxe ]
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My instinct was Steamboat, too, with the caveat that I've never been there. Did Steamboat have a gondola 20 years ago?
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I skied the boat in 79 & 80 and it had a gondola
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are they planning lifts on the back side of baldy?
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Yes, to the Stockton Flats area. Keep in mind, this has been "in the works" forever.

read the blurb on expansion, then click on "backside tours."

[ October 11, 2002, 02:19 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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And this shot...facing South west from 11,200 ....

[ October 11, 2002, 02:58 PM: Message edited by: thexcop ]
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i think that is steamboat, but thats a REALLY old picture before they put in the silver bullet gondola. It has to be at least 84-86 because I have a picture of my little sister and me standing underneath a red gondola when we were around 6 years old.
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Thanks for the photo! You revived my memories of a few trips to Baldy when I lived in LA a long time ago. Looking at Baldy on a winter day from the LA basin always made me want to scratch the itch for skiing.

I was going to guess Mt. Baldy at Snowbird/Alta UTAH!, not CA!

Go ahead, say "Gotcha" to all the Bears!
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It's been one too many winters since Baldy looked like that. Was up there many times this summer trying to coax Ms. Nature into giving Baldy some white fluffy love. We'll see if it worked. After the epic '01 season I took a chance and bought a pass. I have yet to pick it up let alone use it. I dream of the day I again get to slowly make my way up those snow lined, quasi plowed swithcbacks then wait in the parking lot staring up at Chair 1 until 11 a.m. because thay had TOO MUCH snow to open. Thinking to myself should I stay or should I go, us few remaining diehards finally get the nod to load the chair and slaughter 4 ft. of the finest So Cal blower at the greatest little ski area in the southland. I dream of you Baldy. Hope to ski you soon.
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I'm guessing that James Deluxe's photo is Steamboat. I served at the Ptarmigan restaurant. It looks strange with the parking lot in the foreground of the picture, but the building is distinctive.
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Its big and wide: JLo? (Jennifer Lopez)


Fox, I need some assistance in the humor department. Are you still running that 2 for 1 deal on humor 101?
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Originally posted by ryan:
if you can.
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Originally posted by ryan:
if you can.
That's Steamboat. The building (today) is the Dulany Condominium.
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