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? for Keystone regulars

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I used to ski Keystone a lot. For the last two years I haven't spent much time there. I know in that time a bunch of new terrain has opened up in the Outback. Yesterday we went there. Did a few runs on the frontside and the place seemed pretty quiet. We were just skiing right on most every chair. Some runs we were just about alone. About noon we headed over to the Outback and the lift maze was jammed. It probably took more than 20 minutes to get a chair. I know this is common on powder days but there was only an inch or so of new yesterday. Is this common these days?
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I've skied 5-6 days at keystone this year, and I've encounted a few lines back there, but nothing like that. The longest I've seen were on the Monday of Pres weekend- and those lines were 5-6 minutes max. The other times (earlier in the season) I haven't waited more than 5 minutes once.... I'm not sure what was up yesterday. ???
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