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Now that I've lost close to 40 pounds with a goal of losing 30 more. Yes I was a big girl. You should have saw the tracks I was making. Talk about your snow plough. More on that later if you'd like. My old Salomon Boots don't fit anymore. Granted they were on the cheap side when I got them almost 5 years ago and they've certainly served me well. They broke in real nice. Only had to have one buckle repaired and wore cat tracks to minimize the sole damage. Now with the weight loss they're killing me. Biting into my left ankle inside bone mostly. And when I pulled the liner out I could see how packed out the cushion had become. So sad. I've made an appointment for new boots, but I'm going to cancel since it doesn't make sense if next year my ankle and muscle structure changes shape again. And the season here in the NE didn't get started until that Valentine Storm. How disappointing that would be to spend all that money at the end of the season and go through the trouble with the boot fitter only to find they're too big next year.
Anyone else had this situation with the weight loss or gain? Do your boots just give out like that when they're ready to go? It's like they just quit on me. So, I'm renting boots since the season feels almost over to me anyway. Slopeside rentals aren't the greatest I know but they hurt less than my own boots do, believe it or not. Anybody ever lease boots this late in the season? Is it worth it? What's your take on this? if any.
I feel like given them, the old boots a Nordic sendoff. A memorial would be in order.

Oh boy, it's snowing.