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Not just you, Not just Big Sky!

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Just wanted to share that you aren't alone. You probably already know if you've worked at B.S. as long as you have that they, Everett (rest his soul), John and the boys haven't figured out not only how to treat their employess, but the skiing public. They're no where near offering a "quality experince" yet. I worked at B.S. a few years ago, actually '73 - '76 as a pro patrolman. I worked there before the "car dealer" bought it from Huntley, the oil company, etc. It was a great place to work and play. Stories I could tell. It was clear that the new owner had a lot to learn not only about dealing with their staff but how to market their product and skier service. I had previously worked at Taos, Alta and Jackson. It was an honor to work at such "classics". Moving to Big Sky was a thill, it was in it's growing years. But wow,in '75 when Kircher bought the place it went downhill (no pun intended). Attitudes in Bozeman drasticly changed re: Big Sky. I still remember the "justfied" house cleaning, which meant bringing in all of "their" people to operate it. It was a matter of time before they got bit in the butt!

Well, I moved to Seattle area in '86 after a degree from MSU. Found a gem of a mtn., Crystal Mtn. to be exact. It was run by a small group that wanted to offer fantastic skiing at a great price. Then, you guessed it, along game Boyne, Kircher and the "boys". They discontinued all the perks to the locals so they could save their pennies for a tram to the top. Sound familiar? The locals all but left the area. I call Alpental my home area now. I still skin into Crystal for their "deep" days. Crystal's working way too hard at becoming a destination area, which just won't happen.

Okay, I'll get to the point and quit my venting. Sorry for the "hit" you've taken. I know for a fact that the industry needs and ALWAYS will need skilled and knowledgable people such as yourself. The ski industry continues to grow and prosper, some areas not as fast as others, and that growth is due to people like you NOT the size of corporate bank accounts! No question - you'll find a new "home" one with a "welcome" mat!


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Thanks Str8line and all the rest for the support, it has been really hard giving up on an area I have put my heart into, but I know its for the best.The last few years have been hard watching a gradual erosion of support for the patrol by management. A good friend of mine who was the SS director at Snowbasin recieved similar treatment by their management and it has been equally hard for him to deal with. There are good ski area management teams and lousy ones. I am not wild about Vail as a ski mountain, but they understand customer service and treat their employees pretty fairly, it no wonder when a weekend skier thinks of great resorts, Vail comes to mind.
As for Crystal, it sound like a great ski area is about to be overdeveloped and run into the ground by Boyne. its a shame. Last year, Boyne was days away from bankruptcy when they worked out a deal with financers and pulled back from the brink.
I have some good offers and am not sure where I will land, but I will remember my friends both here and [img]smile.gif[/img] at Big Sky.
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