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i am getting new skis i think for next season and i need to know how to set a binding right for the boot. I dont need you to tell me how i would like it if anybody had any sites that tell how to.
And with it, isnt there a thing where you have to set it to realease at a certain pressure.
I am not sure if i am going to get skis at a place where they set everything so i need to know how.
I got rental skis from the skismith and they did everything for me and next year i am getting my own.
Any help will be appreciated
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If you don't get the skis at a place that can mount and adjust them for you, bring them to a place that will mount and adjust them for you.
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ok, i dont know if they mount them for you even if you dont get them there, maybe the ski rental building at my resort would do it.
But i would like it if i knew how.
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You will not want to Mount the bindings yourself, but as far as setting them, you can find charts online with the specs and with a little mechanical knowledge be able to figure out how to adjust them yourself...

I'd still recommend having someone else set them for you, though...
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Depending on the ski, you do not want to mount them yourself, especially if you just don't know what you're doing. If you need to drill into the ski, you need special tools just to get it done correctly.

Just have someone else do it. Any ski shop will mount them.
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don't worry about it, get some really good glue (like elmers) and glue them onto the skis somewhere near the middle then turn the screw at the toe and heal to your favorite number.

Come on, just find a shop nearby, most shops can get the mounting done while you wait. Have it done correctly and don't risk killing yourself.
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Yeah, im not mounting them myself. and the place is like an hour away but yes i will have them do it - and maybe ill get the skis from there..
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Any shop that sells that brand of bindings will correctly mount them and correctly set the release point. Do have the release setting checked by machine. Even new bindings may have some variation.

Unless the skis and bindings are made as a unit (some Salomons, some Heads, some Fischers, likely others), you have your choice of bindings. There are no bad bindings on the market, but many unsuitable bindings.

Get bindings that allow fore & aft position adjustment. http://www.lous.ca/Articles/Biglines%20article%203.pdf. This includes some Atomics, some Tyrolias, maybe some Markers, maybe others. Have the shop mount the bindings so the back-most position is on the mark on the ski, and you have all the forward range to move the binding forward. Try them on snow and see which position best suits you.

Get bindings where your recommended DIN setting is in about the lower third of the scale. Don't get the cheapest, and you don't need the most expensive, but do get mid-range or better.
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