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Okemo 2/25: First day out after MCL strain

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I was concerned how the knee would hold up 3 weeks after the MRI and a couple of days before seeing the Doctor to get my green light to ski.

For a history, read: Another Bear Down. My knee has been feeling 85% for the past week or so and going out today I wanted to make sure that the knee was strong enough for Steamboat next week. From what I hear from other people, that this is the norm and I won't get the other 15% for a couple of months yet.

I am wearing a neoprene brace with metal hinges. I put on my boots w/o any issues. Skated over to the lift again. with out issues. First run: I took it easy on my Titan Nines and made some nice big arcing turns to put no lateral pressure in it. Thumbs up so far. we took some groomers for a few then I decide to turn it up a notch and hit Outrage, a double diamond bumped up gladded trail. I take it easy and smooth. Still no pain, but some discomfort. But no more discomfort than I have been feeling on a day to day basis. After a couple of more runs I go into "Loose Spruce" another gladded trail. This is when I run into my first setback. I launch over some dirt/rocks only to land in a rock garden that took my ski and threw my hip onto an nice jagged rock. All I have to say is this took my mind off of any pain my knee had been causing me.

Back to the groomers for a while..then off to try some bumps. 5 runs down Sels Choice proved to be a non issue too. For my last run of the day, i head over to Supernova , another gladded trail. This is where i had my biggest test. The only thing that didn't happen (to this point) was a good torquing in the knee. I was unfortunate enough for this to happen here. It felt lousy when it happened but there were no physical repercussions from the fall and tweaking.

So, all in all my knee is feeling OK..compared to my knee. I will be out tomorrow with a couple of bears and divas so I think I should be OK for Steamboat.
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Glad to hear it. I tweaked my knee while hip checking a rock at Sunday River. The following day (day 2 of the trip) I was skiing ultra cautiously to the point of absurdity. I regrouped for the remainder of the week but I never really went full out hence Im am somewhat dissatisfied with my trip there.

Have fun in Steamboat.
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