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Most of the folks at skiliftsorg work in (or have at one time) maintence at ski areas, they get their info from the chairlift manufacturer. Now we all know that the ski areas would never fudge in the numbers for their resort to make it look better...lol.


Those number came from the master development plan which was submitted tot he national forest, not from any PR material.  The numbers can only be found if you specifically look for the MDP on their website and then scroll through a 114 page .pdf file.  I don't for a second think those numbers were fudged to make it "look better".


Then, consider that the skilifts.org folks appear to have incorrectly calculated slope % as rise over slope length instead of rise over run, then consider the fact that they left out the 2nd steepest lift at the ski area, and also misrepresented a lift that's an up and over and should be counted as 2 separate lifts... I stand by my statement that I'm not trusting the numbers from skilifts.org.


Of course, Posaune had a good point: none of this has anything at all to do with the OP's original question.  A question that is going to be almost impossible to answer I'd think.

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So is Plake going for gaper-hood with the Jacket or the "sunglasses under goggles" motif?  Maybe both?

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 So, if the list posted above is so questionable just for one ski area, I frankly don't trust any of the numbers on the list.

Through a massive error in scale the bunny slope at Stevens Pass is listed as one of the steepest slopes in Washington.  Daisy actually has a lift elevation gain of 400-500 ft.  The Ski Stats site reports it as 1500ft of gain.  http://www.skistats.com/slopes_detail.asp?state=WA  It ranks up there with International and Adrenaline at Alpy.


I still have the fanatasy of running a ski area and naming all for the easy slopes with really imposing names.  Slasher and The Cliff rank as my top fantasy bunny slope names.


The steep hills?  Daisy, Buttercup, and Fluffy.  Anyone up for a gnarly run down Velvet Princess?

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