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EpicSki Demographics - Expanded and Refined

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The first demographics poll I created was more of a trying to see how this new feature works.
- the number of voters (100+ in just one day)
- mistakes I made
- other suggestions posted
I decided to refine the demographics poll and expand it a bit. Do not expect me to say "Sorry you have to do it again" since it looks like you all are enjoying the activity. So here is your chance to entertain yourselves all over again

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These polls are fun!
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Some thoughts:
I work with computers, but am a business consultant.
I'm from Ireland (thanks for the option) but live in England.
I assume you're talking US$ not AU$ or NZ$, etc.
What do you mean by the ski school question? I took it to mean "did you take ski lessons?"


P.S. If the one who is female, is also the one who is single, and the high earner, could you please PM me...
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Damn I can never get it perfect : : :
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Originally posted by VK:
Damn I can never get it perfect : : :
one suggestion
add tele & A/T boot brands
& allow people to pick 2 brands of boots.

in my case tecnica & lowa.

otherwise very nice work. allowing for self report inflation of # of days & skill you will get some interesting results.
I will definately check back
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VERY well done VK! If you ever try again, the one thng I would like is to split "USA East Coast" into New England / Mid Atlantic / Southeast. But that is a small issue. Excellent, thanks!

[ April 18, 2002, 08:15 AM: Message edited by: AC ]
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My little quibble is also geographical - you've lumped together the whole of western Europe, except Ireland (which was obviously for the Fox's benefit...)

That would be like me, sat in Scotland, dividing the UK up into bitties, adding in bits of Europe, and then adding a single category called "North America" to take in the whole of the US and Canada!

But I appreciate most Bears are North American Bears and you're just looking for an overview.

No offence taken, honest!

[img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Because I no longer "live" in Ireland, I chose "Western Europe", I guess it's easier to explain it to the Northern Mexicans.

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Sorry VK, but where is the ski instructor occupation button?
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I couldn't find the "Poor white boy in a NBA world" option.
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Yep, gosh darn it, we whites sure have it bad these days. Those minority's are all now wealthy and powerful! What an NBA world it is!

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Forgot the one for Aussies. After skiing do you: Stay in a bar, get totally smashed, and spend the whole evening trying to pick up the waitress. By which time all the resaurants are closed and you swear you won't do this yet again tomorrow.
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What can I say.... Can't please everyone...

Two things that surprized me the most:

1. More than half (at this point) do not know what base structure is and/or how it works.

2. 15% are pretty eager to die... I mean speed-suit can not be THAT wrong : :


PS: oh, and ski instructor occupation falls under "part time" category...

[ April 19, 2002, 06:13 AM: Message edited by: VK ]
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Looking at the results - am I the ONLY one that started skiing on the wrong side of age 50? I feel honored (I think). rick p
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VK this is really cool!

The one that surprised me was how many transport equipment inside their car. I thought I was the only one left without a gear rack of some sort.
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Informative and insightful poll! Good on ya!

I thought it was interesting that 23% did their own tuning on their skis, yet only 11% tuned every time they were used. Could someone tell me what tuning is?

To me that means checking the edges for knicks that will catch you up and dump you, and filing them down. Also putting some wax on them for your next day so the base does not dry out, and you glide easily, and also check them for scratches or worse. Checking bindings for anything broken or loose. I wipe them down as soon as the day (or night) is done, to avoid rusty edges in case they won't be used for a week or so. My skis are old, old, old, and probably not worth that much work every time I use them, so am I overdoing it??

Engineers also seem to be predominant. :
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Bears are so Old!
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5 to 6 times a week....12 people.......12 Canadians ......do you think theres a pattern here? EH.
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