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Utah - late March weather

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I am thinking about going to SLC for a long weekend March 23-25 and would like some opinions from those in the know about what kind of conditions I can expect. I am especially interested in what to expect at Snowbasin. Obviously LCC and BCC should be fine and I know that currently the conditions are very good, but typically what should I expect for four weeks from now (especially since the snowpack is lower than it typically is this time of year)?

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Stick to high elevation, North facing resorts (i.e. Snowbird, Alta, Brighton & Solitude). All others will be spring skiing by then. Snowbasin is one of the worst; East facing & low base (6,400').

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So are you saying that Snowbasin probably isn't worth a day at that time? Of the places I've been, that is my favorite and I am really wanting to ski there on one of the days of my trip.
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Depends. If there is fresh snow, or cold temps that week, go. Otherwise the snow is preserved far better in the Cottonwoods. You won't believe the difference in quality.
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Anywhere out West, especially in late March, it is a toss-up between getting a good cold storm, and warm high pressure.
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Last year I was out there Mar. 25-Apr 1 and we got dumped on everyday. The year before that we went the week earlier and it was the most incrediable skiing I have ever done.

The end of March has always been great skiing for me lately, but it isn't always good.
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