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another injury

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here's my sob story. i was starting a 2 and half week trip from tahoe to taos starting last weekend. was supposed to be my big ski trip that i had always dreamed of. was supposed to ski silverton today.
Last run of the day at kirkwood last saturday, me and my cuz were doing the same run we had just done...i saw this one little steep hill that hadn' been skiied...always a bad sign, but i did it. stopped about half way down it and noticed a little row of rocks just under the snow beneath me. So i thought i'd just jump em, but i got caught up and tumbled down. It was a real fall, but not that bad, but the problem was my shoulder popped out. Excruciating pain, snow patrol, the sled down, the whole deal. Now, I had had a bad shoulder and knew this was a possibility, so i was beating myself up for not getting this surgery...after the nice doc at the clinic put it back in for me and we left i was thinking, and i started to realize it was my other shoulder! it hadn't even occured to me the whole time i was stuck up on the mountain or talking to the doctor. So now i have 2 bad shoulders that probly need surgery.
On top of that, I had expected, like my other shoulder when this happens, that i would just get better in a few days, and maybe i could ski in a week or so. But here we are a week later and I can't raise my arm at all. vacation over. season probly over. seeing orthopedist on tuesday.
I had been training hard, planning details, and was on the last run before departing on my big road trip and it was all lost on the las run.
The only real lesson, besides the fact that i clearly have terrible shoulders, is that i skiied too long too hard that day. I didn't feel tired, but i think there's an underlying tired that makes muscles and ligaments tired. Plus i think mentally i wasn't as sharp. earlier in the day i may have not gone that way, knowing the risks. Talking afterwards to my (spoiled) friends that live in tahoe, they talked about just doing a few good runs a day, not pushing it all day.
watch those last runs of the day people.
i'm coming back next season.
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Sorry to hear about your injury. The good news is that the vast majority of shoulder dislocations should do well with conservative care. Esp in "older" people- over the age of 25.
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I would go skiing anyway. You don't ski on your shoulders do you?
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