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Lets talk freestyle...

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Hello everyone, latly i have been doing allot of freestyle skiing around my area, and have gotten allot of tricks done such as (iron crosses, shifty's, toxic's, and some other little jab's that i just do cause they look cool) and i'm going to be getting into 180's and 360's. i can 180 on flat, allong with 270 on flat really easy, and high! but everytime i do them on a jump, because i dont have twintips, i get all screwed up in the transfer from landing to slope or when i land, i dig by tips into the snow and i fall back, HARD... any ideas? tips?
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If you don't have twin tips I would avoid trying 180/540 off of table top jumps. Jumping into switch stance on the flats is one thing, but trying to land big ones switch is another story.

And why would you want to pop 270's on flats anyway? If your vertical is as good as you're leading me to believe you should have no problem popping off a small bump and rotating the full 360.

If you want tips on 360s there are several threads in this section dealing with that, in fact there is one further down this page or on page 2.
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