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When do you plan to make first turns?

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This waiting on significant snowfall realy blows!

When do you plan on making your first 03-04 turns?
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Not soon enough
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ASAFP, whihc probably means a little after Thanksgiving here in VA...
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ASAP which will be about December 1st.
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It was 85 today. You tell me.
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I'll probably get up Blackcomb for a few runs when it opens mid November, just to check the boot fitting before I head to Lake Lousy for the Canadian round of the World Cup.
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Park City is having $15 on the 21 of Nov.
w00t! I'll be there

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On my birthday.
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See my post in Meet on the hill
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I was skiing a couple of weeks ago, and may go again this week.
OK, it was indoors, but it still counts as 03/04 season for me!

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Fox, Indoors don't count. That's only because you have beat me to the snow. I hope to be on outdoor manmade snow Nov 1st at Killington or Nov 8th at Okemo, both in Vermont, for you who live across the pond.

Really, I'm glad you have been able to make some turns. I wish we had the opportunity to ski all year. It would make it easier to stay in shape.

We were up at Killington on Saturday and there were snow flakes on the air. Driving up in the AM we could see snow on top of the mountain, but at 1:30 PM when we got there it we gone.
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Unfortunately... early to mid-dec. is my earliest opportunity here in the Mid-Atlantic unless I travel north. Which I'm not doing this year.
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When the cold snap first here a few weeks ago, there was hopes of an early season (mid November). Since then temps have returned to the 60°'s during the day and near freezing/frost at night. I was hoping to see some flakes here by Halloween, but it's not looking promising. Unless any storm blows through it's looking like last week of November at best to see one run open on home made cornmeal.
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If it's like last year, November 14. I think the east is going to get hit early. The Catskills got some snow yesterday, 10 degrees at the tops.
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We are setting near record temps right now. This time last year, I was already making some turns. :

Skis will be sacrificed soon.

On a semi related note: Si, would you send me your PR's? I have a friend who wants to take a look at them.
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I already did make my first turns. Beartooth Pass, 9/23/03. It was even fresh snow.

That doesn't mean, of course, that I'm not anxiously awaiting some real snow. It was 74 degrees in Jackson Hole yesterday.

We need big changes and soon.

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You guys out west are killing me!! Skiing already!

With any luck, we'll be out skiing on Thanksgiving in Southern Vermont. Not soon enough anyways.

Picked up my new boots tonight though. Wahooooo!
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ASASO(As Soon As Season Opens) which means Dec 6-7-8, if the snow comes.
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Already have, Tenney Mountain NH on October 4. Limited terrain but great "Spring" snow.
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We too had record highs this week, but snow in the forecast. Looks like Nov 1 at Copper.
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Oregon bears - think Hood Meadows will be open Nov 15? If not, and I bet this is a dumb question, how about Timberline?

I've got a chance to extend a biz trip to Portland and stay thru that Saturday, hope to get in my first turns then. Less than a month!
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