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I had a few free days so I headed out to Kicking Horse for a couple days. The first day I was there, it was totally overcast flat light conditions with light snow later in the day, making the bowls pretty much unskiable, for me at least. I did see people dropping into Fuez bowl but personally I like to be able to see the terrain when I'm standing over that much exposure : . So that day I basically did laps on Redemption Ridge, and found lots of nice pow stashes in the trees and glades. Lots of fun but man my legs were burning after that! and the traverse from stairway to heaven to the drop in spots takes it out of you too, given the lighting conditions. so all in all a good day, but not what i was hoping for.
The next day, Golden was socked in and i was worried that it would be a repeat, but about halfway up the mountain things just cleared up and blue skies and sunshine beckoned! No more trees for me! Which is good because I'm pretty sure I tracked out all the stashes in there already . I spent most of the day doing laps of fuez bowl, trying different lines and drop in points, man what a lot of fun. the snow was pretty chopped up but still nice and soft, easy to throw around. I stayed away from the other ridges, CPR and Terminator, mainly because of the huge lineups at the gondy. The laps I was doing required a gondola ride too, but at least you can take a few runs off the chair before you commit to going all the way to the bottom.
So, after a full days skiing I drove to Lake Louise and stayed at the hostel. advice- bring ear plugs . The next morning was bright and clear, and since I was awake so early ( see earpug comment) I got on the first gondola. I got over to paradise bowl and did a few runs down there, which was a lot of fun. Some rocks showing, nothing serious, pretty much packed powder. The moguls all over the resort seemed to be way smaller than they have been in previous years, i recall Paradise bowl being knee to waist high bumps all the way down, but this time nothing even close to that. not that I'm complaining. So after doing that for a while, I did a few laps on whitehorn, and again some rocks, minor bumps, really soft snow compared to paradise. I guess the combination of the platter lift and all those 'caution cliff' and double black diamond signs keep the crowds away. honestly though, usually whitehorn is a bit beyond my level but this time it was great, i felt very comfortable up there, probably more because of the amazing snow year the rockies have been having than any improvement on my part . The strange thing is that the lineup for the summit platter was crazy, so i figured ok ,all these people are doing whitehorn, because as far as I know, other than that its just a blue cat track down to the next chair... but when I got to the top, maybe 10% actually did the good run... go figure. Anyway, other than that, I did a few runs on Larch, mainly rock garden 3 times, which was a blast too, thanks again to the great coverage. As for the frontside, really dfidnt ski that too much but it seemed somewhat firmer, i dont want to say icy, but definitely not as nice as the back bowls.
One other thing, they were doing an extreme skiing competion off of ER7 or whatever that run is called. you know, the one with all the cliffs and chutes and stuff that used to be out of bounds. That gave some nice eye candy for the ride up the paradise chair.
All in all a good day, I packed it in about 2 and headed back to edmonton.