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AT Boot Question

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I've been looking into buying a pair of AT boots and getting into a little bit of touring next season. Here's my question:

I currently wear a Technica Vento 6 in a 30.5, and I know I have a narrow, low volume foot. I've been looking at both Garmont and Scarpa boots, and I'm leaning towards the G-Ride or the Scarpa Tornado. Do any of the bears here know which company tends towards thinner, low volume feet?

There's no one around here that even carries AT boots, so theres no chance of me getting them fitted until after I order them online. Thanks!
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Scarpa tends to be narrower.
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I've got a really wide foot with bone spurs and ski in the Scarpa Tornado. Best fit I ever had. The Garmont adrenaline was too narrow.

"Generally speaking, all the Scarpa models are higher over the instep than any of the Garmonts. Actual width is similar, but height at the second buckle is certainly greater in the Scarpas. The new Spirit 3 (and next year's 4/Denali) are an attempt the lower this from the Matrix. The Tornado remains one of the highest volume boots on the market in the US."
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Garmont has a reputation of being wider but it's not exactly correct. The Adrenaline and Endorphin are pretty low volume and the G-ride is just about the same. They got a rep of making wider boots many years ago and it's stuck. The Scarpas tend to be a bit higher volume.

That being said, you are skiing alpine in a pretty wide boot, does it fit? Your foot might not be a narrow as you think if the Vento fits well.
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Well, my foot isn't super narrow, but I wouldn't call it wide either. The I did have to get them blown out for a bone spur on my right foot, and I needed to get the heel box enlarged a little bit.

I'm really just trying to get a baseline as to whether a Garmont or a Scarpa in a 30.5 would fit better based on boot size in a Technica. Its sounding like the Garmont's will probably work well...
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