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Road trip or one resort?

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Hello everyone. For ten days next season I plan to be out west. I am thinking of two options. One is to stay with a friend in Vancouver and drive to Whistler or Mount Baker or Mount Washington on Van. Is. Option two is land in Calgary and drive to Van. and ski resorts along the way.The first gives me time to learn about the hills and all the good spots and MAYBE get to know some locals so they can take me the secret spots. Option two gives me variety of slope and people. I am interested in some views on these two choices. Thank you. Marko.
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If it were me I would maximize skiing time and minimize travelling time.
Maybe a compromise: 5 days Whistler, 5 days Mt. Washington.
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Sort of depends on how much driving you're willing to do. For scenery and variety you will definitely get more crossing BC but take a look at some maps. In my limited experience (3 road trips into Canada this year) it is much harder to drive East to West or visversa than it is to drive North to South. Harder in having direct routes and mileage/time. Depends on you take a look at some maps to plan a trip. The variety of resorts would be superior but do you have the time etc.

The views are awesome traveling around BC and spectacular at most of the resorts. In Fernie I felt like I was in the Alps but better, less people and better snow.

Leaving tommorrow morning with wife for Panorama, Kimberly and maybe Fernie. Also there are Bears at some of these resorts.
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I just don't like taking long drives at night after a hard day of skiing. If you're willing to stop skiing at 1:30 - 2:00, you can enjoy the drive and some scenery. Or, maybe break for a travel day.

Several times I have enjoyed traveling around Vermont for a week. But there's only a hours drive between ski areas. I wouldn't have enjoyed a 4 hour drive each night.
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Calgary to Vancouver is about 600 miles, through some serious mountains. I've done it in the summer, but it could chew up a lot of your vacation in the winter if the weather gets dicey. That being said, the views are incredible.
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You'll chew up a lot of time getting from Vancouver to Vancouver Island. If you're up for Mt. Washington make sure you factor in the time and expense of the ferry ride.
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It seems to me that travelling is best left to do in the summer, when daylight is around longer and I am not tiered from a day of skiing. If I stay in Van. at a friends then it saves on accomadation and I am sure that Mt. Baker and or Whistler Blackcomb are both challenging and beautifull resorts. The drive to iether resort is quite beautifull as well. Thank you all for your opinions. Marko.
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