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Snowing in MN...

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Finally, it snows a half decent amount in MN. In my area, there's like 6" on the ground now, and hopefully more on the way. Went snowmobiling in it a little bit. The most snowmobiling I've done this year. If I head out skiing tomorrow, it'll be the first time in a couple years that I've skied on natural snow.

Anyone else in MN enjoying the snow?
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It's heavy as ****, and my back is sore. The first 4 inches or so were REALLY crappy to shovel. I was out for about 2 hours last night - you couldn't even tell today! I'm buying a snowblower next year. Period.

I'll probably have a "sick day" on Tuesday though. Welch probably - they got more than most the other Metro areas.
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For the first time this year - some real snow Minnesota way! Welch should be good tomorrow - at least 9 inches and counting.
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Anyone game to meet there on Tuesday? I think I'm taking the day off - regardless!
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Skied Wild Mountain yesterday, not bad. My son and I played around skiing the shallow powder on the edges of the runs.

We gotta get down to Welch. I haven't been there in 20+ years.

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I bought a season pass yesterday, so I'll be able to ski the rest of this year on that pass as well. Pretty cool!! It was pretty quiet yesterday. I was a little bored, so I worked moguls for the first time EVER (on purpose anyway...) I was actually starting to figure them out a bit! Pretty happy about that - if they weren't rock-hard ice mounds, it probably would have been a bit more fun...
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Anyone else in MN enjoying the snow?
Enjoying is an understatement. I ski Coffee Mill near Wabasha. On Saturday (the 24th) there was near a foot of new ungroomed on the blues and blacks. Great stuff. A little crusty and similar to Cascade concrete, but a great experience making tracks in the untracked. At 2:00 I could still find nice lines near the edges. Even after it got tracked a bit it was still fun. It separated the real skiiers from the Midwest groomed spoiled skiiers. Then I hit the park. The soft snow boosted my confidence so I spent some time on the "big" jump.

Sunday (the 25th) was even better, snow a little deeper and lighter, flying up to my kneecaps on the turns. Unfortunatly, I had more company and the snow got tracked sooner. Still it was great to push the speed limit through the crud. It took all my self discipline to keep from skiing the lift line.

All in all, the two best ski days in years. Maybe we get more tomorrow (Friday Mar 2)

I will be in Utah March 9th. Hopefully it will be even deeper.
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Picture from my office right now. Nuking in the Twin Cities right now...

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Snowed again!

And school is closed! Yes!

Went out snowmobiling to a friend's house today when it was snowing heavy. Got stuck, but a nice person pulled over (snowmobiling along a road) and helped me out. On the way back, I just drove right down the road. Barely and cars, and I was going as fast as them. (I'm guessing about 35 on a 55 MPH road) It seemed that the as soon as the road was plowed, the snow blew back in. So, the road was great to snowmobile on.

I'm possibly heading out skiing tomorrow. If the wind isn't 30 MPH like they say it will be.
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Where you going to?
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