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I need skis

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I am reposting this question I only had 5 responses on the AT thread.

I need a pair of Skis to mount up for AT. I will be using them in bounds as I only have one pair of boots. I posses freerides to mount on them and will be skiing Garmont AT boots. I guess I am looking for an all mountain ski.

Local shop has older K2 Enemys NOT Public Enemy(75 mm under foot) and $74. 173 cm. (186s are all gone) or some older space frames for $125 same length 5 mm wider underfoot, twin tip

I call myself a low level expert skier but who knows what that means.
I weigh 170 am 6 feet tall. I grew up on loooong skiis. Am now skiiing 181.

Will these work, I truly need an all around ski. I am very concerned with how they they will handle in Powder and crud?

Any advice, This has to happen on a budget so I cant go buy the latest/greatest.
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Any thoght on these two skiis, Would I be going too short?
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