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Boot Fit Question

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After trying on several different models and researching a while on what boots would be best for my feet, I've started focusing on the Salomon Falcon 10s. I wanted some opinions on the right size though:

I know the rule of thumb is 1 cm behind the heel when shell fitting. But I tried on a size 28.5, with closer to 2-3 cm behind the heel, and I could barely get the buckles down on the first "tooth" of the buckle ladder. Should I try to go smaller (closer to 1 cm) and punch more?
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yes. The boots are too big
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It sounds to me like you should look at a different boot.
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It's good that you are doing your homework, but it sounds like the boot isn't the right one...but there could be a number of other reasons why you are having fit problems.

See a bootfitter...there's a listing here on EpicSki:


I've also seen a listing on this site:

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Epic and Hammer, I think you might be right and that I really can't do this without a bootfitter. I thought the falcons would be good b/c (1) I have xwaves now and the fit is good (2) I have flat wide feet, which Salomons are generally supposed to be good for (3) the falcons fit the best of all the boots I tried on, and (4) they feel good when I put them on, just a bit big (I need to try on some smaller boots. I guess in the end I really just can't do this on my own.
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The reason Salomon makes the Falcon is so that they can sell boots to people with feet too narrow for the Xwave. If the XWave fits you, you don't need to be looking at the Falcon.
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one size down (or more?) you want 1cm ish behind the shell and your heel.

also as you go smaller you might have to go a bit wider.

so try on a falcon and a Xwave in 28 and 27 shells
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