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Hey guys

I just found this forum and really like it. I was wondering if I could get some opinions on my ski choice.

Im looking for an all mountain type ski that I can use to ski the next few years. I am intermediate level. The tricky part is I need a ski for slalom, GS, and just regular skiing. I am on the ski team at my college and this is what we do, but I can't afford more than one pair. Im not on the A or B team, so its more just recreational racing, so I don't necessarily need to follow the FIS rules.

The most important thing I want is something I can improve on, but will still be decent in performance for both races.

I am 5'10" - 5'11" 150 pounds. I think 170 cm will be the right length for SL and GS.

Currently my top picks are these:

Fischer RX-8 - obviously a favorite in this forum
Rossignol z9 - recommended by a friend
Atomic Metron B5 - many good reviews except people say its heavy
Atomic SX 11 - recommended by a friend

Some others may be:
Dynastar contact 11
Atomic izor 9:7
Fischer amc 76 - seemed really wide when I saw them in a shop.

So I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on these, or if you think there are some other ski's I should consider. I Appreciate the help.
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Where will you be skiing, east coast, west coast, Rockies? Since versatility is more important to you than winning races, I recommend the RX8's for the east coast and the AMC 76's for west of the east coast. Either of these skis will be adequate in a race course and fun all around skis.

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Why not get two skis? There are plenty of bargains around. I don't think you will find a ski that excels at both. My compromise was the Fischer WC SC, but I don't compete in races. I just like to ski fast and need to make short turns to keep myself amused on small hills.

The SX11 is not a short turner. If you get it, stay under 160 cm. 160 should be good for your weight in the WC SC, a little longer on the RX8.
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