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Would these work for me?

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Just for a little background info, Ive only been skiing a couple times but Im gonna try to get back into it. I have my own skis that I bought a few years ago from a friend. They aren't even close to being right me. Im 5'9" 160lbs and the skis are Atomic brand and they are 185cm, they are slightly shaped but not much. The two times Ive tried skiing it didnt go very well but I never had a good teacher.

So Im going again soon and I found some on ebay and I think they could work good for this season just to get me an easier time learning because they are lighter, more parabolic and shorter so I would think the maneuverability would be WAY easier than what I have now. Here's the link:
They come with bindings, tho Ive never heard of the Tyrolia, but Im a newb. My boots fit my great and are Riachle brand. I dont know how all the boots and bindings fit togehter. Do only certain brands work with eachother? The same seller also offers that ski for a little more money with Rossignol bindings.

I realize 150s are kinda short but that means slower and that should help me get the turning business down easier, right? I know a lot of people would probably recommend getting new skis but I dont want to spend that much money yet until Im sure Im going to stick with this activity. If anyone has some suggestions I'd be glad to hear them!! Thanks,

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They would work a lot better than you old longer Atomics. And you would save yourself the rental line hassle. Even if you outgrow them in 5 ski days, you're still ahead. 30 dollars shipping on 40 dollar skis? Plus tax? I would also suggest a visit to some local shops to check out consignment sales. Ideally you would want shaped 160 cm skis imho.
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Those are Wa rental skis. I've skied that model from their rental shop. If they aren't trashed, they're pretty decent skis for a beginner or intermediate. Of course, you don't know how trashed they may be. I've seen customers walk across pavement on rentals.

If you have boots. and you want a ski to use for five or ten days instead of detailing with rental shops, they'd be okay. I pretty much agree with everything Ghost said.
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They are junk. Pass.
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Would you care to elaborate on the junk part? The ones I have now are junk compared to those! I agree I should definitely go for a drive and check out the local shops first before doing anything because they might have a good sale. But knowing my luck, its not likely hah.
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I'll elaborate,

A 1976 Ford Pinto is an upgrade over a Model T, but it's junk compared to most modern vehicles. The Pinto may be acceptable transportation for some but it would not satisfy a car buff.

Those skis are equivelent to a 1976 Ford Pinto.

Does that help?
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Junk skis will not be stable at eye-watering speed. Junk skis will not grip the snow when you want them too. Junk skis will not have the needed structural strength to turn you in a sharp turn at a reasonable speed. Junk skis will not give you feed-back when you make the correct moves. Junk skis are what you will typically be able to rent at a ski resort.

Junk skis, however, will let you get away with a lot of mistakes without throwing you on your butt. It will ease the learning curve if you have forgiving skis. If you are going to rent for the first 5 days anyways, you may as well supply your own junk skis. Just don't try to go really fast, and don't expect to rip slalom turns on an icy race track.
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You guys are assuming way to much from me. I suck at skiing and freely admit it. Im only going for a ONE day pass. I may go once or twice more this winter before it gets warm. Im not even gonna get close to a slalom. Im gonna stick to the green and blue hills and just try to have fun at my own pace. Its over $30 to rent skis at this place and for one day it may not seem like much but Im a broke college kid.

I understand the analogy better, but I might never get into hardcore skiing only going a few times a year. So the car buff thing doesnt apply to me really. Im already skiing on 15 year old atomics lol, new junk would be an improvement over outdated junk.
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The new junk will be 100 times easier on you than the old skis.
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Just to updated my thread, I bought some K2's off the ebay. Paid $90 shipped for them and they had less than a season on them. The pics looked pretty good. They are 160cm K2 Pro 5 Escape models w/ Tyrolia bindings and the side cuts are 99/66/85. Hopefully my boots fit these bindings, just have to have them adjusted. I dont know much about these particular model skis but for the price Im just gonna live with however they perform, tho Im sure it will be leaps and bounds better than the old school skis. Thanks for all the help guys!
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Just Enjoy the Ride! Thats what its all about! You will do just fine with the K2s!
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Much better.

Good luck!
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Those Rossignol Cuts are what my homem ountain rents out... I love the "Resort Edition"thing.. ha!

K2s are good.. by Escape Pro 5, I'm assuming you mean Escape 5500? I haven't heard of Pro 5, but then again, I don't know about every ski released... If they are the Escape 5500... they are stiff, and not REALLY forgiving, but they'll work fine and while the initial basics may be a little harder to grasp, once you get into an intermediate range they will help you progress very quickly. If they are 2500 or 3500, they will be more flexible and will work fine for you for at least 10-15 days on the snow (depending on how fast you progress)..

If you have a typical size foot for your height, the bindings should work... there is no brand specificity... Any Alpine ski boot should work with any alpine ski binding provided the binding will adjust to the size of the boot. Rental bindings are made to fit a wide variety of boots... If you buy a pair of skis and get bindings mounted, they may only work with 3 or 4 different sizes...
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Good move.
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Going by the pictures it didnt show the 5500 but I wondered the same thing. All I could read was "escape" down the sides and I saw the Pro lettering but I only saw one 5. :shrug: Maybe they are 5500's. Im sure even the stiffest ski at 160 would be an improvement!

My ski boots are fairly new and they fit darn near perfect so it looks like all I will need is to get them adjusted correctly. Im getting excited now! They should be here Thursday.
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