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Buying boots in Whistler

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I'll be travelling to Whistler next week and plan to buy boots. Any thoughts on the best place to buy? Having lurked about here for a few weeks, I figure it would be better to buy boots in Whistler than in NYC, where I live, because a.) I'll probably get better advice and b.) I'll be there for a week so can ski them and bring them back for adjustment if necessary.

By the way, I've found all the boot advice on these forums really useful for renting. I have small wide feet, with high insteps and I've often had problems in the past renting boots, resulting in numb toes and lunchtime trips to the rental shop. The last two days I was skiing I was able to pick much more comfortable rental boots (and had two great days skiing :-))
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Whistler has several solid boot fitters to work with. Last year I went to a recomended shop in the middle of the Village (near the North Face store I believe) and set-up an appointment to get a fitting. I was honest and told them that I was not going to be able to afford to purchase the boots because of the REALLY big resort mark-up, but I offered to pay $50 to get an accurate fitting within the boots they had in stock.

It was a great experience and I got the information I needed to purchase boots from more affordable outlets ($200 less than the shop price on the boots I purchased).

I did miss out on the after fit adjustments, but I haven't had any problems . . . . that might not be your experience.

If the money is not an issue make sure to set-up an appointment to get into your new boots the day you get in. Don't get into uncomfortable rental boots for your first day and then try to get fitted - you won't have a clear representation of the fit with your feet already hurtin'.

For me . . . it worked out that the fitter didn't want my $50, but was willing to go have a few beers later that day. I couldn't have been happier and I learned a ton in the process .

Good Luck
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Welcome to the Board. Regardles of where you buy, certain boots and certain lines within a boot company are better suited to your particular foot shape. I have a similar foot as you and am buying new boots as we speak because my original ones do not fit me properly - I was green and was sold the wrong pair at the time - who knew?!

I found that as a general rule, boot people put you into a boot too stiff or too advanced for what you need. Skiing primarily in the east, we do not get 45 -50 ski days in per year to progress the way the boot fitters say you will.

I too have a high instep, long arch, narrow ankle and chin. I found the Nordica Beast 10X, Nordica SM10, Salomon X-Wave 8, and Rossi Bandit 14 fit my foot shape, but the lower strap of the cuff on the X-wave is poorly positioned and rubs me wrong. Just a thought for you to hold onto when they show you boots. I am probably going to go with the beasts.

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Try Snowcovers in the village. They have a good reputation and experienced fitters who won't try to oversell.
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I also used Snowcovers in the Marketplace area (near the IGA) when I needed my boots adjusted. The WB ski instructor sent me there. They were very good.
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Snowcovers - see Steve if he is there, if not wait until he is working if possible. Excellent work on my boots and my wife's too.
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I have a similar foot- had the x-wave 8 and fit relatively well. After 5 years, went to the Nordica speedmachine- also a pretty good fit.
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Thanks for all your suggestions. I'll certainly check out Snowcovers. I'd seen their website and thought they looked good, but it's great to have some recommendations. Thanks also for the comments on particular boots and on the importance of how often you ski. I'd love to get 50 days skiing in a season, but it's not likely to happen. While I want boots that will allow me to progress and I'm not too worried about price, I think I'll ski better just by having boots that don't hurt. And seeing as I always have a good time skiing, even with uncomfortable rental boots, things can only get better!
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I ski in the Nordica Beast and I have found them to be the most comfortable for my short and wide feet. I think the only problem would be if you have narrow ankles. They run fairly wide there as well. Good luck!
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Update on Snowcovers

I was in Whistler last week. I went to Snowcovers to have my boots tweaked. I had a bit of tightness at the sixth toe area. They widened that, adjusted the area around my ankle bone and put in heel lifts. The price was CAN 60. It was well worth it. The boots fit and ski better than before. No pain now! Another vote for the shop!:
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Fanatyk Co

You can also try Fanatyk Co. They provided me with some good advice even though I had not bought my boots there. You have to search a little to fid there shop. It's near The Keg.

There store isn't like so many in Whistler that are selling so much of everything, especially clothing. I would classify them as a "bootfitting" shop.

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Back from Whistler, where I did buy boots in Snowcovers. Decided to rent for the first day as my feet always swell on the plane. The worst rental experience ever convinced me, if I needed any further convincing, that I was definitely buying. Discovered that while I'm pretty wide on the front of my foot, I'm quite narrow on the heel (should have known this as slip on shoes always slip off). Ended up with HEAD S11s. So far I'm very happy. They were a bit tight around the back of the ankles and I had some discomfort on the ball of both feet the first day, but that was gone by day 2. On the morning of day 3 I started worrying that they were too advanced for me, but by that afternoon I was skiing like myself again and after that they got better and better. Can't wait to go skiing again!
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Did you like the service at Snowcovers? Did they adjust your boots for you? Just curious. I have had 2 good experiences with them adjusting boots I did not buy from them.
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Nyskier, I was very pleased with the service at Snowcovers. They took loads of time with me and they did adjust the boots - softened the flex and apart from custom insoles, built up the ankle support, created a bit more width at the front, more volume at the instep and probably more things that I've forgotten. I was impressed with how they noticed things that I hadn't thought of, eg. that my ankles need support. My ankles give way under me all the time in ordinary shoes (doesn't hurt, I just stumble), but it had never struck me as an issue skiing. They advised that I need some ankle movement, but not as much as I had. I really feel the difference in the new boots with the greater ankle support and the custom insoles. I think I had a problem keeping my heel down in every single pair of boots I ever rented and I often had to buckle the top buckles too tight to compensate.

I see the sleet falling outside - does this mean snow upstate? New boots might get another outing soon!
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Originally Posted by DeeSki View Post
I see the sleet falling outside - does this mean snow upstate? New boots might get another outing soon!
The area between Windham and Killington is supposed to get a foot or more of snow
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