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TR Copper Mt. 2-23 (pics)

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Another fine day away from the office!
No new snow to report. Weather was mix bag of Sun, wind & Overcast. Snow did start after the lifts closed for the day!
Roll call included, (am) Garyskr, Amy ( Epic recruit day) & myself.
Started the day out going to the Tucker Mt. Snowcat. Thats where Gary & myself meet Amy,who was visting with her family from NYC.Skiing alone we thought it would be best to show some Epic Hospitality!
Caught the 2nd Cat up to the top of Tucker Mt. Then we did the 10 min hike to the top 12,337' Very wind blown at the top. Seems every good storm in Colorado this year has been followed with high winds.
Am pics,
1) Garyskr w/TMt. Cat
2) Garyskr Myself flashing the CO-Logo at 12,337'
3) Amy @ 12,337' Top of Trucker Mt.
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Few more....
4) Gary working his way down Nacho, wind blown & hidden rocks.
5)Once we got to Treeline the Snow improved!
6) Amy in ther bottom 1/2 of Freemont Glades ( best snow ) fresh tracks in soft windblown powder!
We went down to the Blackjack chair from the Top of Tucker Mt. Then a few more runs with Amy& Gary in the Union Bowl (also had some nice soft snow).
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Amy only joinned in for the three hr. tour. Gary & myself hope you enjoyed!
The next time were in NYC we hope you could give us a tour of the Daily Planet!
Gary & myself did few more runs over at the Alpine lift, then did lunch!
Pm, we caught up with Paul (aka SCSA), Brad & CJ for the Rip Fest! If you like to Ski fast & feel the Burn the next day, can't find a better group on the hill to do it with then this Posse! 3hrs of Hardball all over the Mt. Bowls, Bumps, Cliffs (CJ you da Man!) & Trees!

This last picture, will just call it "Dim lights, Thick Smoke & Loud Loud Music!"
Because am sure thats how I am going to feel in the Morning!!
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Thanks for the pics. I'm living vicariously through these TRs. The snow looks great in the trees there.
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Hope your on the Fast road to recovery! My trip started on Thurs the 22nd at Beaver Creek, with a Ten Star BlueBird day! Then the past three days at Copper. Great time at Copper with my wife & kids, my brother & his family. Along with a large group of Bears to ski with everyday!
Got to ski a few runs with Bruce (Bong) on Sat. he had some lag time between lessons. Bong sure can cut the Mustard when it comes to carving! I just enjoy following in hopes some of it will rub off!
Skied 1/2 of the day today with Mr & Mrs Don Denver. The best snow of the week was today with light snow most of the day!
Tried to get on the Cat today but timing was off & they were blasting. We did get to ski some lines at the bottom of Tucker Mt/ lower end of the Glades we found an opening in the ropes & enjoyed the Goods!
Few more pics....

1) Jr. Dropping into Hallelujah Bowl
2) Mr. & Mrs Don Denver top of the Storm King
3) Betsy (Mrs.Don Denver) Ripping it up on Rattler in Copper Bowl
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I'm enjoying seeing all this as I prepare for my trip to Peoria tomorrow... :
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4) Brother in Enchanted Forest
5) Blue Sky at the Creek.
And now Back to Work!
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We were told you were working this weekend with tours & we were hopping to catch up with you,
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Mon-Wed I was at Copper, but not since. Sorry I missed ya'll.

I did get to meet Gary on Wednesday... I hope he had a good day!
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For best “slope side” picture taking:

And the Oscar goes to…Mr. Vertical!

From AP wire service In his acceptance speech, Mr. Vertical stated; "I wish to share my Oscar with all those Bears that consistently make the effort and capture the shots we all enjoy viewing".
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Seems the winner for "Best Visual Effect" was over looked! But we found the winner.....
By the way its DUMPING!!!!
Next few days will be Red Carpet then some!
March Madness has started a few days early!
I've run out of sic days So I will call in dead! (was looking for a job when I found this one). Weds-Fri. is going to be off the charts. Let us know? Others have said they will join in. 8" at Copper today & the Bus is leaving the station!
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Originally Posted by Mr. Vertical View Post
I've run out of sic days So I will call in dead!
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Great Pics Mr Vert. With all the wind on top, I thought we might be standing sideways. The pics really came out nice.
Had a great trip to the mtns. New friends, snow, gravity, mountains, lots of vertical and lots of fun. Life is good.
Had a great day on Friday with Greg (Mr Vert's son), Paul, Brad, CJ, and Mr Vert. Good skiers! CJ did a couple aireals for us to watch. The landings might have been more fun for us than him. We visited parts of the mountain that I had not seen. Nice to ski with Amy, a new recruit from NY.
Had a great day on Wed also, as a guest of the OHG. Steve was a good guide. He is soooo smooth on the snow. Thanks for the tips. Will probably have to join that group.
Don & Mrs Don, sorry that we missed you. Glad you made it out on Sat. Hope to see you at LGC3.
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I looked at this picture and recalled that moment thinking how the snowy months of March and April are just upon us as I was stabbing at the snow pack. I really think that LGC3 will serve up epic conditions with some awesome storms winding through all event locations.

Garyskr, sorry Betsy and I just missed you. Obviously Mr. Vert did a great job guiding on his new Snoops. See you at LGC3.

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Hope your trip home was'nt to rough, that storm picked up energy in the plains just as you were heading out!
Don, if all works well I think This Friday could work, the FDA is still working on a Vaccination for the White Flu, plus I have a New (slightly used) Camera I need to break in! Let us know?
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My German friend Rosi Mittermaier (1976) asked for a Bump.
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