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I think some of us are a little bit jealous.

Speeding is not "allowed" in cannonball run either. It might be OK with cannonball organizers and participants, but it's against the law. XJGuy's team was caught speeding but he's still in the race. I think it's the same for all of us, OK unless you get caught (and ticketed). BTW, it's not unusual to get a warning, that's up to the officer's discretion.

I'm anti-car and anti-TV. I don't own a car or anything else that burns gasoline. (I don't ride the bus either). I cut my cable TV and upgraded my internet connection from dial up to DSL in hopes I could watch the occasional ski race or podcast on my computer.

I watched the show on computer, but it paused alot. Boo hoo, I guess I need cable for the computer . Anyway I found it entertaining. I really like that it's more about route-finding and skills tests instead of speeding on open roads.

About the maps. Why didn't everybody bring road atlas and GPS?? Were there rules against having such onboard at the start? Good job on the lightbulb challenge, team 11!
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post

holy bad idea batman!!
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Nope, no envy at all. What I do take a "skinny eye" to is a "reality based TV show" (what ever that is?), that has a cast of characters .... well .... that "appear" to be right out of central casting (whatever or where ever that is), and .... who just happen to be regular guys "off the street" .. who ... almost to the person ... have links to "show-biz" ...

Sounds like it was something out of Variety magazine ..... and ... it's hosted by a "for real" wrassler ...

This is "entertainment" .... like WWF or whatever it is "Wrassling" is to fighting.

Ok .... they didn't have a written script .... they made it up as they went along. Staged non-event ... just MYHO .... it wasn't real, nothing ever happened except a few scratched mirrors and clear coat.

I can't wait for the "Awsome Spike Ski Ooooffffff" insert gravely wrestling voice here

Watch our teams of extreme dudes and muffins steal trail maps while wearing real helmets while they charge hard down (hope you remembered to switch signs) ... DOUBLE BLACK DIAMONDS! You'll shake with fear while they talk their way out of getting their tickets pulled by real Ski Patrol as they defy getting their Oakley's scratched .... gotta' have an avalanche to out run (memo: order tons of styro peanuts).... and they cheat death in the cafeteria (Ok, so some of it is real).

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Yes, I found it entertaining. Sorry you didn't. Not terribly concerned about the show biz background of the participants. I would have no interest if XJGuy wasn't in it.

If you aren't jealous, why are you so angry? It this the first TV show that you didn't enjoy? Get over it.
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Jus' another hint this was staged. There is no flippin way in a for real rally that we would stop if we saw a guy with a punctured radiator.

The last thing you would do is all to bring the "event" to a halt and stand around and make stupid comments like ... "heard if you put an egg in it will stop the leak" .... or stuff a tampon in it and ... viola! .... off we go. BTW, "car people" know how to "fix" a hole in the radiator enough to limp in on and it ain't any of the stuff I heard on that show.

Would we stop if the other guy was going up in flames (fire bottles were mandated), yep .... or if they were injured .. yep!

For a car with a hole in the rad .... just tell the guy at the next check point that there is a team in trouble and they send a car out to help or get you unstuck or whatever.

SCCA had many types of rally formats on the menu and at best this would be classed as a "gimmick" rally ... we used to put one of those on for fun before monthly meetings. As many stupid tricks as we could come up with and then laugh it off; it wasn't awesome! then we would have a few brews (in the old days) and laugh our asses silly at the stupid stuff.

For the more serious stuff, what did we run ... ??? .... our car of choice back then was a Ford Pinto (as in gas tank go boom) .... the MG's were left in the driveway because the Pinto with only shock and lighting mods was just fine and in a real rally (not closed course), how quick 0 to 70 is academic in TSD/SOP (time speed distance/seat of pants) class.

If I was to run again ... .... of the three cars I have now .... the Vette would be the last choice ... the Volvo AWD ??? .... or my old Toyota PU ... actually probably the PU because of the increased visiblilty. It's teamwork and communication that wins TSD's .... not horsepower.
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post

My stock C5 Vette only has a published top speed of 170. A real dog. :
You'd never break the law willingly though, right?

You still do the SCCA thing?

I'm with you on reality TV...but I can't comment on this particular example because I don't own a TV.

On the real coast to coast rallies I think I'd want something with a long wheelbase, a conservatively built big block with a mild cam, one big turbo, half a bar of boost, a bulletproof four speed, a moonshot final drive, and enough springrate and rear wing to make the thing comfortable to cruise at 150 in. The most critical mod would be the 100 gallons of fuel cells and backups for the fuel pump, ignition, and so on.

Speaking of, if young guys doing dumb stuff with tons of money and speed interests any of you, I suggest some of the Teckademics vids of the Gumball and so on.
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Pretty sure that was a checkpoint where thay all had to stop. I don't think the whole race came together to suggest eggs or offer tampons.

Yuki, I'm glad you enjoyed competing. Time to let go? Let others have some fun. Why so judgemental? Maybe this is a different kind of contest that you would not enjoy being in or even watch on TV. That's why there are other channels.

If it's the fact that it's on Spike, I understand. When they started showing motorsports on MY channel, OLN, I was done with TV.
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A few months ago I went into Quizno's. They had a sandwich advertised as being "Angus Steak" .... damned, that picture looked good.

When the "thing" came out, the "steak" was some kind of processed mystery meat. It sure as hell didn't taste like steak and didn't look like it either. It looked like some kind of gelatin like substance or ... close to baloney? Now, I can't prove that what ever was on that "toasted roll" didn't start out it life as an Angus steer but whatever it was, I certainly have my doubts.

I saw the new Quizno's commercial the other day for their new "Prime Rib" sandwich. Yeah right!

I guess I am very simple minded; when I see "steak" on the menu and order up, am I being fussy when ... put it this way, when you have to run it through a mass spectrometer or abstract genetic testing ... .. just to figure out what's on the bun ... then it's "Bullschizz"!
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You ordered steak at Quiznos, expecting filet mignon, T-bone, Angus, what? Never lose your innocence. I bet that sub was really tasty. Pass it on to the hungry if it's not to your royal fancy. I think we are getting away from the topic.
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It's processes beef carcass, rest assured.
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They confiscated our maps, cell phones, even ipods. We could not have any electronic device on board that may help us with navigation short of a basic compass. No GPS and none of the cars had navigation systems. We could buy things along the way with the $2k they gave us for gas and anything we needed including maps. We could not spend more, and we could not go out and buy a GPS or vavigation system. No radar detectors. Thanks!

The teams that stopped for the BMW did so out of courtesy and lost time, since they were riding in a pack that really didnt make much of a difference, they just had to make sure they got to the end before the "my-way" route. Your quote, "It's teamwork and communication that wins........". Ditto here. During each leg of the rally you could do whatever you want (go for massages if you want!), but you have to make sure you make good time to the end (checkpoint) or you risk getting eliminated.

There were thousands upon thousands of applicants, they picked and chose what they were looking for to make a diverse and interesting cast. When you have thousands of people it would be easy to set it up anyway they wanted, and they were not happy that my brother and I have done some media oriented things, because they did not want anyone to think (as you are) that the rally is fake.

Bill Goldberg is a car fanatic, he has an insane collection with some serious muscle. He often does auto theme shows.
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I was gonna say - it still feels like a "show" because they still cast an "interesting mix" of characters. It's just that the pool of people happen to not be (mainly) actors and such.

btw - I got taken in on the Quiznos angus thing too. Funny thing - my 4 yo son saw the sub when it came out and said "look Daddy - WORMS!" :
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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post
I was gonna say - it still feels like a "show" because they still cast an "interesting mix" of characters. It's just that the pool of people happen to not be (mainly) actors and such.

btw - I got taken in on the Quiznos angus thing too. Funny thing - my 4 yo son saw the sub when it came out and said "look Daddy - WORMS!" :

Who are these actors?

The host is always an actor, thats a given.

My brother and I have acted (last time I had an acting job was over 10yrs ago).
One of the girls is a model and is in a commercial.

The rest of the pack have nothing to do with acting.

So thats 3 out of 12, 4 if you want to include Goldberg, I would hardly call that most of the cast.

The casting for the show did not include casting agencies, they went to car websites, clubs etc.
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Admit it. The "Spike Ski Off" thing is funny ...

Goldberg needs a writer for that one; we can talk.
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
I have to go with Yuki. Scripted and staged.

I routinely go more mph over the speed limit just going to the store than you guys do. Boooooring. You want good tv...follow my ass across the US. From Maine to Spokane in 3 days. Three weeks, ooooh, big deal.

And what cop is going to let ANYONE pass without a license? No REAL cop that I know. I'd have his ass on a platter for that if I were his chief. What's the defense? "Gee, Chief, they were such nice boys in that great show...."

I don't think so.

Just cowboy up and admit it's a phony show so we can enjoy it better. We're not that stupid.:
I can relate. I drove home from my mother's yesterday and decided to save gas. I drove withing 10 kph of the speed limit. It took 6 hours. The trip usually takes me 4 hours. I drove from Kingston Ontario to Fort McMurray Alberta. My average speed, total distance divided by total time (including stopped time), was 65 mph.
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Ghost - 6 hours, Kingston to Fort Mac??

I thought wormholes were 'mostly' science fiction??
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I was just referring to you saying you had some acting experience. My point was that regular people are cast but that the show still has latitude to make things interesting by having various character types.
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Originally Posted by Jimmy P View Post
Ghost - 6 hours, Kingston to Fort Mac??

I thought wormholes were 'mostly' science fiction??
Two separate examples; not the same trip. Though time did seem to warp a little on the Fort McMurray trip for reasons I can't divulge. I forget the exact time on the Fort McMurray - Kingston trip, but when I divided the odometer by the clocked time I got 65 mph. We made a lot of stops, but that old Ford Wagon spent a lot of time over 100 mph on empty northern roads to make up for it. And we got no speeding tickets.
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The Lamborghini from the show is for sale, any takers?
Rich / XJguy
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btw - is that Stallone on there?

Well maybe if it comes in a hybrid version

Sheesh - front end looks a little beat ... but I guess that's why it's only $107K
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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post
btw - is that Stallone on there?

Well maybe if it comes in a hybrid version

Sheesh - front end looks a little beat ... but I guess that's why it's only $107K
Youll see why the front end looks that way in the next episode.
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Italian elegance at its finest ...

And WTF is this : The hood (well, actualy it's the trunk cover) says FERRARI !?

Ferruccio and Enzo are spinning in their graves.
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Hey guys thanks again for all the support as you can see things are starting to pick up, best is yet to come.
For all you locals we invite you to come join us Thursday night and have a drink with us. Doors open at 9:30pm and we will have the car there from 10-11:30pm. Ladies drink free (its ladies night :razz: ).

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only owned 3 lambos in a year!

what the hell does he do for a living?
what drug does he sell?
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hey - it's probably just like anything - once you're in the "club" you can trade up etc. Kinda like a ski quiver on a bigger money scale
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Dont know if anyone is following the show but we are finally #1!!!
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Wow - gotta see that again - is this the end?
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Wow is right even we were surprised! LOL

5 episodes done, 5 more to go. We were consistently in the bottom three prior to the last episode and not considered a threat, now we have a big bullseye on us! Things are REALLy heating up.

Spike will rerun this past Tuesday's episode on Saturday at 2pm, and there will be a Bullrun marathon this Sunday starting at 1pm, all 5 aired episodes will be shown back to back.

You can also see them all on www.spiketv.com
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huh - might have to DVR some of those to catch up on Sundee.
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Just watched all 5 episodes earlier... man, those girls in the Scion were whiny... Whaaa, we lost... this is BS... No, it was fair.. you lost because you SUCK!

I'm glad those lambo guys are gone... they bugged me a little, too...

And the Trans-am drifting into the glass... or trying to... Hah! I could have done that... the dude should have let his daughter do it.
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