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(yet another) volkl gotama length question

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25+ yrs skiing
(previous "fat" skis: 185 b3, 188 gun, 181 chief)

just purchased 06/07 volkl gotama 183 on an impulse as a quiver ski (in bounds/off piste west coast powder ski). everyday ski is volkl mantra 184. i demoed the 05/06 gotama 183 (among others) last year during the march cycle of storms in tahoe and it performed well in all conditions, but felt truly worked by days end. likely a combination of poor conditioning and too much fun in deeeeep snow. on the other hand, maybe i would have benefitted from a longer length ski.
now just experiencing a sense of buyers remorse. just read numerous threads recommending for/against 183 vs 190; all good info. so, should i have gotten the 190, since i am only going to use the ski for the deepest of snow days and will use the mantra for all other days. thinking maybe i should have gotten the 190 and mounted forward near fs line, instead of mounting the 183 at the fr line like i intend to. i mean really, at my height and weight, will the 190 ski that much better and offer that much more float than a 183. can i ever overpower the 183 and at this length is it too similar in character to the mantra? however, will the 190 just be a beast to turn and get bogged down (in tight spaces and because of its weight) in deep snow at anything less than high speeds. i bought the ski for a combination of maximum float and manueverability. i seem just above average in height/weight and it seems logical i would be best suited for the 3rd longest of 4 skis in the model line(from a maketing perspective). just trying to convince myself the 183 is a suitable length without deing able to demo a 190 at this point. i know this is over-analysis, but reading all these previous posts got me thinking. any helpful comments or personal experiences appreciated. sorry for the rambling and thanks in advance
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I'm your weight and 2" shorter. For a powder ski 183cm is the ideal length for me. That said, I picked up some 05/06 Gotamas in a 176cm length opting to go shorter because I will mainly be skiing them in tight trees and narrow places. Even at that length the Gotamas have more than enough float.
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I'm about your size (6'2"/181), and I'm in a similar situation. I have a pair of 184 Mantras, but I got the 190 Gotamas (mounted on the FR line).

Compared to the Mantras I think the Gotamas require some speed to turn, but IMHO they don't feel that heavy. I think the two complement each other quite well. My main reasoning for getting the 190's was that the 183's were too similar to the 184 Mantras, and that some say the Gotamas ski shorter than their length because of the twin-tip.
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thanks for the helpful replies.
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