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I need a help with boot selection.

There are not too many boots of my size in the stores and I want to check if I am being offered the right boot for me or just what is in their stock. Two boots seemed to fit OK: Nordica Beast 12 and Head Edge 10.8. They are in different stores so I could not compare them side to side.

I am a good skier. I am skiing in NY/NJ area so that snow conditions are mostly hardpack. I do enioy soft snow but it is so rare here. I ski fast on black diamonds and double diamonds (when double diamonds are not very bumpy). Primarily large and medium radius carved turnes. Small turns are not as much fun since I have to slow down. I do not do any races. My mogul skills are still at survival level. I have limited range of motions (both flex and lateral) in one feet so it is importnant not to waste it on free movement of feet inside the boot. My legs are strongest part of the body so that flexing boots at any rating is not a problem.
I ski less than 10 one-day trips per year and it will be my first non-rented pair of boots. I hope to improve the edging and quickiness of turns with these boots.

Which boot do you think would be better for me? Beast or Edge?