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Photos of 07/08 Skis

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Just came along this web-site with photos of all 07/08 skis from ISPO exposition. The web-site is in Russian but photos descriptions are in English. Enjoy.

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Looks like Blizzard is expanding their iq bindings to the Titans.
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Originally Posted by MassHat View Post
Looks like Blizzard is expanding their iq bindings to the Titans.
Unfortunatly, yeah. They will be cap construction too.
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Just out of curiousity, how does the iq system affect a wider ski like the Titan? I like the iq's on my CMX's, but then agian, it's nothing like a Titan.
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Anyone know which HEAD's have that x-ray of a hand graphic? It looks pretty cool from the pics.
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It seems like most brands did a good job in renewing their graphics. I really like new Fischers and Elans. Speedwave 12 looks really cool. And their Magfires look fresh. It also looks like Elan is adding Waveflex technology to Magfire 12.. At least it looks they way from the photo. 10 and 8 seem not to have it though.
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Stay away from the search engine newbies - it's evil I tell you - EVIL.

(that's the lighter "Epic" way instead of a TGR JONG BTW)
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Why were all the K2's either in a trash box or a boat - are they switching to water skis & dumping the rest ?
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I used to have a wave board with almost the exact same tail as that big-ass Fischer ski. Forgot what they used to call it - like a reverse swallow.
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Taos - That kind of got me too.... Everyone else had them hung on the wall, or organized neatly... Looked like the other displays took at least 5 minutes to set up.... K2, on the other hand, about 20 seconds...

Maybe it's a PR thing... it may not look as nice, but it may give people the feeling they can pick them up, mess with them, etc.... All but the K2s are set up to be admired... the K2s are set up to be handled, touched, flexed, etc...
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Phil, the Titans are sidewall construction, not capped. They are integrated which is a slight bummer.

The skis on the wall are always velcroed in place, they can easily be handled and put back.
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