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How stiff are your skis?

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Hi guys, I hope I'm not re-creating the wheel here, but I was hoping to get some feedback on this. I've been thinking about a good way to test how stiff any particular ski is, especially with the thought of shopping for skis and comparing with those I'm already familiar with. You can go to a shop and flex their skis, but it's pretty subjective. So I decided to see how far one of my skis flexes when I stand on it. I set up two 60mm high supports (actually encyclopedias) one meter apart and put the ski on them with the boot centerline in the middle. Then I stood on the ski with all my 140lb weight while my son measured the deflection. The ski is a K2 Merlin V, 188cm long--too long for me, but they were free. It flexed 26mm from horizontal when standing on the center without a boot, and 25mm with the boot in the binding and my foot in the boot. Is anyone here interested in trying this test on their own skis and posting the result?
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Am I missing something? Is nobody interested in ski stiffness? Admittedly, this is a crude test, but it is easy to do and it's reproduceable. Sure, I'd like to see graphs with force plotted on one axis and deflection on the other, with the same for twist stiffness. Is there somewhere that this info is available and no one is bothering to tell me?
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There's a thread about it on TGR complete with graphs and requisite dick-waving.
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newfydog; "You missed my dogfood test."

Which is fast becoming the industry standard I might add.
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Originally Posted by Takecontrol618 View Post
...requisite dick-waving.
Excuse me? And what is TGR? (edit: OK, I found it--Teton Gravity)

Newfydog: "My MEX's deflected 32mm. My M:10 deflected 24 mm."

There you go, actual numbers.
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Hey mudfoot---

Did you get those M:EX's. The more I use mine the more I like them. Got to be one of the best the bargain skis out there.
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Go here: http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=68512
That should be easy enough. Go straight to post #28 and download the beautiful PDF that allows very simple comparisons of skis you may be interested in.
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I have not pulled the trigger yet on the M:EXs yet. I just go to e-bay and virtually fondle them every day. I am having a little trouble explaining to my wife why I need an 11th pair of skis. I really need to to sell some of my old stuff, but most of it is so long that the market is almost nonexistent. If I could sell at least one pair I can rationalize springing for the M:EXs. My current plan is to hope my R:EXs break in the bumps at Telluride tomorrow.

Anyone want tele skis:

190 K2 Workstinx with Volie releasabe bindings
188 K2 Superstinx
198 Rossi Attaques with Volie releasabe bindings

How about alpine skis:

204 Stockli Stormriders with Marker M8.1 bindings
184 R:EXs with Atomic Xentrix 412s

Make me an offer on any of them, please!
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Thanks very much--that looks like the kind of info I was looking for.
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