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TR: Jackson Hole, February 10-18th (pics)

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Our first trip to Jackson Hole begun in a great scare since there was no new snow for almost a month. And then, after we landed on the coolest little airport with the best views of Tetons we were going to see the whole week, we got lucky. The snow was in the forecast every single day of our trip.
Three of us, my husband, my old high-school friend and I were the team for this year. We stayed in town of Jackson in “JH Lodge” in one bedroom condominium and I must say we were pleasantly surprised with the size of the rooms and all things we found there: fully equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms, huge bedroom, fireplace, 2 TVs, washer and dryer, all nice and clean. Bus stop to Teton Village was a block away so we opted for public transportation ($3 each way). We left our skis in the lockers on the mountain overnight, so we did not have to struggle with the equipment on the bus.
On my way to JH I read whatever Bob Peters had to say about the mountain, with a trail map in my lap. That gave me good idea of the layout and where we should start on the first day. The rest is skiing, beer, skiing, beer, skiing, hot cider (I got sick in the middle of it, but I managed to kill the bug with the hottest homemade chili ever and 3000% recommended daily doses of all kinds of vitamins), skiing, skiing, snowmobiling in Yellowstone, skiing…
Every day we would get few fresh inches to start the day, the mountain was improving tremendously, there were powder stashes, especially in the woods and the open groomers skied much better then first couple of days. We met with Bob and mdf on our second day for a couple of lift rides. My quads were in agony that day and I did not want to hold them back, especially since we had another 5 days of fun left.
Jackson Hole is THE mountain, it has so much to offer, terrain is amazing, not just steep stuff but the bowls and groomers and the woods too. One of the best days was Friday when all the upper lifts were on wind hold, we skied deep powder in Saratoga Bowl whole day, hardly passed by another skier. My hubby managed to eject batteries from the camera (quite an accomplishment!) and they fell deep into 4 feet of base never to be recovered again. Nice rechargeable set, maybe somebody finds it sometime in June…
We skied Grand Targhee for a day and all I know from that day is that the snow was everywhere! Up and down, left and right, we were not able to see Grand Teton from up close, but the fluff was deep and it kept us busy all day. I demoed Volkl Auras and Salomon Scarlets, first time ever on something that wide and I experienced revelation. Those thing stay on the snow! I also demoed K2 Fat Luv, Lotta Luv and Head Monster 88s. Of all of those I had most fun with Volkl.
One day was reserved for Yellowstone snowmobiling trip and that was worth the money, it is just plain beautiful out there in winter.
Most of the pictures turned out crappy since we had foggy, snowy days with little sunshine, but we managed to squeeze in some shots when the clouds were parting and moving around. Last day of our trip was picture perfect, blue skies, nice views, all good except that my hangover was so extreme; I wanted to crawl under table in Mangy Moose and disappear. We just had to try the nuclear hot wings, accompanied with 2 pitchers of Alaskan Winter and countless Snake River Lagers in Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Those cowboys can surely dance!
I am putting Jackson Hole on the top of my list of places I need to come back to. Fabulous mountain, beautiful nature, relaxed attitude and genuinely friendly people made us think about the future…Just like the poster in Corbett’s Cabin says:
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Bob, mdf and me
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grand targhee + JH
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more pics
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grand teton
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vrcka...You Go Girl!!

Very nice report and I loved the photos!!

Thanks for posting.
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Hi, vrcka.

Nice report. It was great to meet you and I hope you'll come back so we can ski a little longer together.

Great photos. I love the tree.
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Apparently we where there at the same time. Very glad it snowed every day. Too bad the fog sometimes kept us from some areas we wanted to hit. Targhee was great as well, very easy layout to navigate. Discovered how well fat skis work. Can't believe I never tried them before.
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Nice TR... heading out there in a few weeks, so your post has prompted the Pavlovian response!
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Thanks for the comments!
We just came back from Skiing in New Hampshire and we are kind of bummed. It is always hard to ski Ice Coast first time after the West.
Today was the perfect sunny day with the great views of Mt Washington, that kind of helped.
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