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Hey all,

I'm heading out to Utah next week for four days and I'm looking to hit up a mountain I have never been to yet. I'm doing a day at the Canyons, and a day at Snowbird. I have been to Alta, Deer Valley, and Park City in the past. What else is there and what can I expect of it?

Also, are there any non-skiing activities within an hour or two of SLC that anyone would recommend I do while I'm there? I'm thinking something like hiking or just normal sightseeing stuff.

Thanks for your help!!!
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Sundance or Solitude both have nice appeal.

I too am looking for a "day trip" for sightseeing on our day off.
Any suggestions??
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check out the Olympic Park outside Park City, see the 2002 event site for Bobsled,Luge, Ski jumping, tours given thru out the day. Also the University of Utah home of the opening / closing ceramoines. Nevada is a short 1.75 min west of SLC, 4 huge casinos in the middle of no where.
Sundance would be a nice getaway for the day.Peacefull there.
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A Nice drive would be from Park City down to Sundance. If you turn off of Hyw 40 at the first light toward midway You can follow the back country roads south and it is very nice driving by the Provo river farms and all. Takes longer but it is a pleasant easy drive. Skiing is OK at Sundance. but not great. Check to see if they still have special Sunday lift ticket prices. It use to be $25 on Sunday, if you bought a day ahead of time. It was one way to lure the Faithful out of Chruch I suppose. Good food at the Tree room Restaurant it is well worth staying for dinner. If you are a history Buff head north to the Golden Spike Historic Site. The place where the Central Pacific and The Union Pacific Railroads met. A lot of train buffs come and stay in Ogden.
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