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Boot recommendations please

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I'm currently in a Dalbello Flex 6.6 now and absolutely need to change because I have a wide foot and the Dalbello I have is cut for a narrow foot. I tried on the Kryptons recently and still the same problem.....

Absolutely nothing wrong with Dalbello - they just do not fit ME. I have a wide fore foot, a long arch, a high instep, and a narrow heel and ankles. The Dalbello is not for me - wish I new! I got talked into buying these boots being told they will pack out and fit great (I'm a shmuck - I admit it).

Please give me recommendations of what to look at. I went to a "well respected" boot fitter in the area and he suggested a Nordica Beast 10, but they did not have a mondo 25 and were not ordering any more for this year. I do not want to buy them online wihtout trying on.

I am also gun shy because I know new boots will be tight and pack out, but that is what I was told the first time. I'm looking for comfort. i am a 100% East coast blue groomer skier.

Please help me out...any suggestions?

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Scott K - If you are an Intermediate, just go try on boot after boot after boot... Maybe ask which brands will likely suit you better, but in the end don't try one certain model. The more boots you try on the better chance you'll find 'YOUR boot'.

When my girlfriend was looking for boots, she tried on almost every pair the shop had in her size... The boots she got were inexpensive, feature-packed, and she said they are more comfortable than any other shoe she has ever worn...

If none of them fit you perfectly, take the best one, get it in the right size (read: not too big) and unload some cash to get it fitted perfectly.
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Also, don't rush it... If you have to wait until the beginning of next season for them to get a huge supply of boots, just ski in your not-so-comfortable boots for the rest of the season, and just remember that it'll all be better next season.
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Just try as many different boots as you can. Call ahead to different shops and ask if they have wider boots in your size range to see if its worth the trip. Then try on any boot that is known for wider lasts. Technica is one. --Tim
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